Monday, January 14, 2019

Pushing On

So Betsy is pretty much finished. I might do something with her necklace but I am not sure what so I am leaving it. Buttons look kind of amateurish somehow. If it is meant to be something will come to mind.

Here is the start of Kate, chiffon on top of upholstery fabric.

Trimming away the chiffon after preliminary stitching

She is down and ready to start stitching. At JoAnns the cutter wanted to know if I was re-doing a footstool. Um not hardly.

The cast is off but I took a shower and now have an open blister type thing on the bottom of my foot, trying to stay off of it and I will wear the brace to help. Old age is sooooo much fun!

Friday, January 4, 2019

New House Guests

So this girl has shown up. I found the fabric in a remnant bin at JoAnns.

Since my foot has kept me home and the doctor is in no hurry to de-cast me, I have been working. The foot is healed but she wanted one more week of the cast to make sure it is "hardened" off.  Her week is like football minutes, 7 days is actually 12 days. So totally frustrated that no one heard me going "NOOOOOOOO!" I actually got up at 3am,  because I couldn't sleep and drank a whole wine cooler! I don't drink but I finally was able to sleep. And they wonder why I hate to go to the doctor, ha! I told my regular GP that statins make me feel like passing out and he told me "No they don't." Um ok, I guess you know how I feel better than I do. I haven't taken a statin since then and funny thing I feel a lot better. I wonder if he feels better?

Whine, whine, whine. No one cares.

So anyway this girl is a found girl, from Minnesota, her name was going to be Beth but Lizzie keeps popping up, then again maybe she is a Trudy. The fabric was a lucky find, I didn't have her with me and just threw it in the basket as a maybe and it was perfect. You never know.

Sarah is almost done. I added the antique lace but I think I need to cut some more of her dress to revel the background. Onward!

Yeah and Bobby wants a walk. Good luck with that Bob, you will have to wait for those football days to pass. I think I need another wine cooler.