Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Finished Another One

Finished 23 and Everyone Else. I am working on something a bit different, 2 quilts that will be housed in an Artists Box. working title is Grandma is in the Kitchen Grandpa is in the Parlor.

Other than that I am thinking about packing for the Quilt National opening, it is their 40th anniversary and big doings are planned. My friend Sandy is driving Miss Daisy. We plan on fun. Film at 11. Well, maybe a link to YouTube also.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

23 & Everyone Else

I am thinking about all the ads for 23 & Me. It seems the "in" thing to find out your ancestry, who you are and how you got there, kind of thoughts. The bigger question we need to ask ourselves is why we are here. There is no easy test for that, it involves deep thought and soul searching.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Working, working, working

Sometimes you start with a very basic idea. After some study, things are moved around, removed, adjusted, sewn down, trimmed and studied again.

Then you think some more! And you study, things are moved around, removed, adjusted, sewn down, trimmed and studied again. I love the process.
And here is the little man, in the sun hoping a squirrel might be blinded by the sun and run into him. Good luck Bobby.

Monday, April 22, 2019

How I Spent the Day

A brief interlude with Bobby. He does get up and run around a bit. Eventually. Sometimes.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Jump In . . .

The Gene Pool!

My paternal great grandmother and two of her ten children. Love the upholstery fabric that was recycled from an interior decorating firm. Sometimes when they know it will be reused they seek out people. This came from a meeting of our critique group the Tens. One member was contacted and asked to pick up a 3 foot stack of good sized fabric. I think we all got something to work with, I got the upholstery fabric, another member got the sheers to play with.

Love the giant bow tie on my great uncle.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Hackneys

Sometimes a piece goes together like butter and toast. Like Annie Hall Meets Aunt Kitty.

But then there are pieces that are vexing. And I hate to quit on something. I figure if I struggle and it doesn't come out as I would like I at least learn something.

Thus The Hackneys are kicking my behind. I had them printed on gauze, first mistake, they were kind of dull and dark. Then I painted them with a yellow/orange paint, mmm, okay. Then I stitched a grid on them and played with some metallic thread, still dull. So, I cropped them in tight and started to do some hand stitching. They're are coming more alive. For now.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Annie Hall Meets Aunt Kitty

Or maybe Aunt Kitty influenced Annie Hall. I am thinking this photo maybe from the 1920's or early 30s. Actually she was holding a fishing pole and there was a large fish hanging next to her. My Great Aunt the trophy fisherwoman!

Love the drapery fabric behind her. I am going to add a bit of color, I think. Red and blue on some of the postage stamps.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Whats Next?

So these ladies are coming to visit. Actually she is the same lady, my Great Aunt Kitty who is being printed on chiffon. It is the same photo but with 2 different photoshop treatments and flipped. I already bought some background fabric that references Paris and New York. Window drape fabric that has a collage type background with a roaring twenties feel. I saw it and thought "Wow, thats perfect!" We'll see, I had a 40% off coupon so it isn't real precious fabric.

I like the Annie Hall feel to the outfit she was wearing. She was deep sea fishing in Florida probably late 20s, early 30s.

The hackney ponies are turning out to be tedious, I'm really not that fond of them. At this point I am just throwing thread on them and trying some experimental hand stitching. I went to JoAnns for some perle cotton thread when I saw the drapery fabric.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Off to the Ohio Craft Museum

Sarah Rose is off to the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio for the Best of Ohio 2019 show. The Ohio Designer Craftsman curates the show which is open to all crafts people. The show includes fiber, metal, jewelry, wood, glass, ceramics and any other craft medium you can imagine. The opening is on Memorial Day. The show then travels through Ohio to other museums.

Kate is part of my Fragments series. She is a chiffon print of my great grandmother over upholstery fabric.

Monday, March 4, 2019


My fascination with transparency continues. This piece comes from a photo I saw in an art book. It was actually an image that was overprinted twice in different sizes. I decided to try it with a chiffon print which is transparent but unless you put some distance between the prints it doesn't show much so I decided to split the image. I wasn't sure I got all the way there but people were intrigued by the prospect of it being 3D. I am calling it Lenticular Dad.

I did a quick bubble pattern on the background. Not technically perfect but I wasn't in the mood for perfection, I just wanted to see the results. I thought it through for 2 months before I tackled it. Stitching it on to white fabric with a paper backing then adding paper inserts between the layers so I could get a scissors between the layers to cut them. Hmmm.

Onto the next project a print on cotton gauze. This comes in a 56" width so I was able make the print on a yard of fabric, it printed a little dark and I was puzzling over what color to paint it when I went to an exhibition of asian inspired quilts and dolls by my friend Martha Young. I saw the golden yellow in one of quilts and knew the Ponies wanted to be yellow. Now I wonder what else they want to be. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A February Tuesday

It's cold out but sunny. I could curl up on the couch with Mr. Grouchy. (Trust me, he's only putting on a face because he sees the camera.) But as for me I have just finished totaling up expenses from last year in preparation for a trip to the tax lady. Fun times!

Today did involve a trip to the foot doctor, healing is going good, thank you. The grocery store and the bank. More fun times for sure. Followed by dinner prep but I always make enough to eat for the rest of the week so that is a good thing, though by the end of the week you are questioning why you made so much.
Kate is finished. I am having thoughts about taking a sander to her to see what that could do for the decomposition. so far I have resisted. (Note: I tried the sander but it did not shred anything, I may try a rougher grit sandpaper when I get the time to clomp down to the basement. It's a project to get up and down the stairs with an air cast.)

But it might be interesting. Kate turned out well but she is not my favorite of the Fragments series, so I am giving myself permission to destroy her in the name of experimentation. I have entered the other 3 in the Best of Ohio show so I can't touch those until they are rejected. A sad thought, "you didn't get in and now I am going to shred you."

In the meantime I sent the Hackney ponies out for printing. . . on gauze. Stay tuned for further experimentation. The fabric is supposed to crinkle after it is washed. I got a black and white print but I am thinking of adding color which would make it wet so then we will see what happens. More excitement, I'm not sure I can handle it. Right.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Carrying On

This is under consideration as the next piece as well as one with my dad that will be experimental. This is another photo from the 70s. I think I then did a transfer to card stock and colored it with watercolor. I should have written down my process more often but when you are young you think you don't need to do all that, how could you forget? Yeah, right.

Three different size photos of my dad printed on chiffon that I want to layer and cut so you see the smaller head and then a smaller one. I kind of have it worked out how it should work.  We'll see.

Life kind of is just skipping along. My foot is slowly healing. again. Don't ask. New doctor has different ideas of what should work so this is resolved. I hope by summer, I desperately want to be outside in the sunshine. It was 18°F this morning when I went to get groceries. I was switching from my walking cast to driving shoe with my leg out of the car and I was freezing!!!

Good news is my eye is healing. I need a cure from head to toe!

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Bad Weather Dog.

Little old Bobby got a coat for Christmas. He likes it! Of course he is a bit of a prissy boy. Hates rain. . . thanks I'll pee inside.  He doesn't mind a bath, I think he likes a warm scrub down and a good toweling off but cold rain, no thanks. And snow? Come on. Really?!

Now he doesn't like to go out without his jacket on and if you don't stop him when he comes in, he high tails into bed under the covers with his jacket on.

Second dislike, cameras. I swear he hates a camera. Point it at him and he looks away or gives you a snobbish face. I think he was raised by the Amish. No photos, NO PHOTOS EVER!!!  I'm not sure how they got his photo on the APL site. Maybe thats why out of the four dogs in his rescue, he was the last to go. He says they saved the best for last. I agree.

He doesn't mind the sewing machine, sometimes he comes and sits by me. And he will come and tell me he has to go out. Hey! Get my coat!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A New Toy!

Not exactly the toy I wanted but if it keeps me off the bad foot a little it was worth it.

I looked at scooters at our local Drug Mart but they were very expensive. Found one on Amazon for a $160 less. Go figure. 4 days later it was here. 1/2 hour for assembly and I am zooming around the house.

Not working on anything specific. I have Kate on the machine but I have been playing with spray starch, cheese cloth, chiffon and different machine stitches. I will probably get a small fabric book out of them. Or a scroll. Whatever.

Bob is just trying to stay warm and dry. He has not taken himself on any neighborhood walks. Stinker!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Pushing On

So Betsy is pretty much finished. I might do something with her necklace but I am not sure what so I am leaving it. Buttons look kind of amateurish somehow. If it is meant to be something will come to mind.

Here is the start of Kate, chiffon on top of upholstery fabric.

Trimming away the chiffon after preliminary stitching

She is down and ready to start stitching. At JoAnns the cutter wanted to know if I was re-doing a footstool. Um not hardly.

The cast is off but I took a shower and now have an open blister type thing on the bottom of my foot, trying to stay off of it and I will wear the brace to help. Old age is sooooo much fun!

Friday, January 4, 2019

New House Guests

So this girl has shown up. I found the fabric in a remnant bin at JoAnns.

Since my foot has kept me home and the doctor is in no hurry to de-cast me, I have been working. The foot is healed but she wanted one more week of the cast to make sure it is "hardened" off.  Her week is like football minutes, 7 days is actually 12 days. So totally frustrated that no one heard me going "NOOOOOOOO!" I actually got up at 3am,  because I couldn't sleep and drank a whole wine cooler! I don't drink but I finally was able to sleep. And they wonder why I hate to go to the doctor, ha! I told my regular GP that statins make me feel like passing out and he told me "No they don't." Um ok, I guess you know how I feel better than I do. I haven't taken a statin since then and funny thing I feel a lot better. I wonder if he feels better?

Whine, whine, whine. No one cares.

So anyway this girl is a found girl, from Minnesota, her name was going to be Beth but Lizzie keeps popping up, then again maybe she is a Trudy. The fabric was a lucky find, I didn't have her with me and just threw it in the basket as a maybe and it was perfect. You never know.

Sarah is almost done. I added the antique lace but I think I need to cut some more of her dress to revel the background. Onward!

Yeah and Bobby wants a walk. Good luck with that Bob, you will have to wait for those football days to pass. I think I need another wine cooler.