Friday, February 26, 2010

What to do on a snowy day

Inspired by Jude Hill's Spirit Cloth and slow stitching; rust stains, embroidery thread, mattress ticking. I have a bunch of these scraps. Some day they may unite into something. In the meantime they are scraps to noodle on while spending time next to mom's bed. Best thing we did was put a recliner next to her hospital bed. Everyone drops in for a visit. Plus we play nature tapes so it is very calming. And then we wonder why she hasn't been out of bed since the Superbowl!

Lots of snow today, 4 to 5" and it is still snowing. At this rate the snow pile will be here until April!
 My mother has no reason to get out of bed. She doesn't want to see snow!

And a big announcement! I will be having a solo show the beginning of April at The Gathering Place in Westlake, Ohio. We are going to hang my Mom quilts on 2 walls, should be fun to see them all together. I think I have a few sleeves and labels to sew on but everything is pretty much already done. I am starting a new series of school photos that won't be ready for awhile, the first one is something like 67" x 69". It will be a bear to ship anywhere. But it wants to be that big, so far anyway, I have been known to snip things down. It's called editing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whatever happened to...

The monoprinted beaded piece I started at the end of May?
Ta Da!!!!
It grew into a space piece surrounded by embellished organza, The background is a glittered piece of black fabric covered by a piece of organza studded with tiny bits of silver beads. I free style stitched it and then cut some of the organza back.  I finished the edges by satin stitching and then painted the edges with black acrylic.
It was go-to piece throughout QSDS and the summer and finally got finished in January.
Speaking of QSDS, if you are thinking of going, now is the time to sign up. Some classes are nearly full and some are in need of  participants. Bob Adams is a great teacher and is doing discharge this year. If you want to know how to do discharge correctly and safely Bob is the guy.
And Diane Herbort is teaching a collage class. If you want to kick your creativity and thought process up a gear collage is a wonderful tool.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is the start of something big! Yup, 67" by 69". Barely fits on the two folding tables I paint on, it hangs over by two or three inches so I have to pull it back and forth. The first coat of gel medium, paint and water is on. A coat of white paint will follow and then the print. It is from a photo album I bought at a flea market at the Medina County Fairgrounds. I had it printed out on 24 x 36 inch paper so I had six panels to trim out. The people at Staples are wondering what I am up to. He, he. They should ask the fabric cutters at JoAnn's. They want to know what I do with all that cotton duck. I'm not telling! 
And here is a photo of my reluctant studio assistant. Can we go for a walk, pleeeeeese! Come on isn't it time for a cookie? Actually she hates the sound of my sewing machine and heads for the downstairs when I sew. As soon as I switch it off she back under the table though. I think the machine has a high pitch to it. My collie hated it also.