Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A February Tuesday

It's cold out but sunny. I could curl up on the couch with Mr. Grouchy. (Trust me, he's only putting on a face because he sees the camera.) But as for me I have just finished totaling up expenses from last year in preparation for a trip to the tax lady. Fun times!

Today did involve a trip to the foot doctor, healing is going good, thank you. The grocery store and the bank. More fun times for sure. Followed by dinner prep but I always make enough to eat for the rest of the week so that is a good thing, though by the end of the week you are questioning why you made so much.
Kate is finished. I am having thoughts about taking a sander to her to see what that could do for the decomposition. so far I have resisted. (Note: I tried the sander but it did not shred anything, I may try a rougher grit sandpaper when I get the time to clomp down to the basement. It's a project to get up and down the stairs with an air cast.)

But it might be interesting. Kate turned out well but she is not my favorite of the Fragments series, so I am giving myself permission to destroy her in the name of experimentation. I have entered the other 3 in the Best of Ohio show so I can't touch those until they are rejected. A sad thought, "you didn't get in and now I am going to shred you."

In the meantime I sent the Hackney ponies out for printing. . . on gauze. Stay tuned for further experimentation. The fabric is supposed to crinkle after it is washed. I got a black and white print but I am thinking of adding color which would make it wet so then we will see what happens. More excitement, I'm not sure I can handle it. Right.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Carrying On

This is under consideration as the next piece as well as one with my dad that will be experimental. This is another photo from the 70s. I think I then did a transfer to card stock and colored it with watercolor. I should have written down my process more often but when you are young you think you don't need to do all that, how could you forget? Yeah, right.

Three different size photos of my dad printed on chiffon that I want to layer and cut so you see the smaller head and then a smaller one. I kind of have it worked out how it should work.  We'll see.

Life kind of is just skipping along. My foot is slowly healing. again. Don't ask. New doctor has different ideas of what should work so this is resolved. I hope by summer, I desperately want to be outside in the sunshine. It was 18°F this morning when I went to get groceries. I was switching from my walking cast to driving shoe with my leg out of the car and I was freezing!!!

Good news is my eye is healing. I need a cure from head to toe!