Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas at Our House

             I was just checking Santa was OK!

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Being stuck in the house has brought home the old scout motto "Be Prepared"! Accordingly I have taken thread inventory. I always seem to run out of thread at 10pm. It's a total bummer I am getting into the stitching and whoops no thread!

I primarily use Guterman thread since I bought my Bernina and was told not to use the "popular" thread brand (you know who) on the Bernina. I usually buy Guterman on sale, stocking up on colors I use a lot of, like 110 grey. I used to keep a list on a post-it note, but decided to find a chart on the internet and create a check list. Lots of numbers and I found I have a fair amount, not including the machine embroidery thread I have been using lately. I wish Guterman would print the number on the side of the spool, I add it by hand before I put the spool on the machine and destroy the the top label, it helps to maintain consistent thread color.

I have been working on Sarah, my great grandmother, whom I know nothing about except she lived in Pennsylvania, had 4 children and was Irish.

I found some variegated rayon thread that is working well as the hair. Love to stitch the hair!

Leave a comment and I will email you a copy of the chart. Now I need to find a use for the plastic spools. I decided to save them just to see how many I use, they are adding up. I don't think they are recyclable. But they should be! Guterman are you listening?

Friday, December 7, 2018

Really Trapped!

Yeah, diabetes sucks! If you get a sore on the bottom of your foot it is hell trying to get it to heal. So after a month of bandage daily changes antibiotics and an ultrasound of my veins (things are flowing well, thank you) it was decided to cast it so I am not stepping on it.

Ever try to operate your sewing machine with your left foot? Mr. Left does not know when to quit pushing. Evidently he is slow to comprehend Mr. Brain. And Mr Right cannot stop trying to press down on the pedal. LOL They will figure it out eventually.

To keep myself amused I went to JoAnns while I could still drive and invested in some fabric for a new piece, Sarah my great grandmother on my paternal side. I know she was Irish, Sarah McLaughlin Irwin, she lived in Pennsylvania.

I will stitch her down and the trim off the white (unprinted) part of the fabric. I am imagining light brown, copper and gold in the hair. But you never know. She printed out well, I had to add dress and lace on the bottom of the photo as she was in an oval frame.

Fred W II is finished, this was the print on cotton, I added bits of lace in his beard and along the hair line. It's pretty much experimenting at this point. I enjoy messing with techniques and finding a new path along the art trail.

I colored some of the
fabric with Inktense pencils and sponged them down with a bit of water, it looks like a hand colored old photo.