Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to Properly Eat Snow

I know you think you just take handful and chow down, but there is a way to eat snow for the maximum enjoyment.
1. Snow should be fresh, fluffy is best and belly high is the ultimate. Of course my belly is maybe 3 inches off the ground, but never mind that.
2. DO NOT EAT YELLOW SNOW! You shouldn't have to ask why. Any shade other than white is unacceptable.
3. Wade into the snow and sniff the air.
4. Push your face into the snow until your eyes are covered.
5. On the way up take a giant mouthful.
6. Swallow.
7. Repeat until your owner calls you in.

Then there is the eat-while-you-lay-in-the-snow method. Oops, Mom's coming, I tell in my next post.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Project

I was sorting out fabric, you know, stripes, circles, checks. Hey remember I am a graphics sort of person! Anyway I found 2 kitchen towels I had started to embroider in junior high. I don't think it was for 4H but something my mother gave me. I remember particularly hating to do the hemming on it. I did one towel, rather poorly I must say, with large stitches for the embroidery, the other I had partly stitched the hem. Now that I am "older" I have a compulsion to finish things so in 2 days I had finished that second towel. I ran the hem under the sewing machine. Neatly done. Then the first towel bugged me so I traced it with a marking pen took the stitches out and redid it. Nice!
So now I am thinking I wonder if they still make the towels? Well, Martha (Stewart, of course) does.And she was on sale!
And after looking on line I scouted Joanns again, and voila! Kitchen towels and iron on transfers, one afternoons worth of work and a kitchen towel fit for a fifties kitchen. Neat!And my embroidery skills are sharpened because who knows what the next project will be.