Friday, February 22, 2013

A Quilt about Evil

I know this is not your typical beautiful quilt. I titled it Beauty and the Beast. When you look at it up close the quilting lines are scrolls mimicking my brothers very curly hair, there is silver stitching in there also. I have been using some of the photography I did back in art school. There was something magical about developing film and printing photos. You never were sure what you had till you went through the process.
This was an assignment to photograph evil. We did it in a darkened room with a flashlight under his chin. My original thought was to photograph a burnt out church. The problem was finding a burnt out church.
Anyhow now evil lives as a quilt.
This week has seen two newsletters started and finished, the last one went off to the printer today.
TAA has been very active, we are working on annual luncheon plans and a celebration of the opening of the Textile Gallery at Cleveland Museum of Art this June. The last of CMA's galleries go online this fall. The galleries that have opened are magnificent. And interactive. You can go through the galleries and use your ipad to get information on the art. No ipad? CMA rents them for $5 a day. Since I am ipad-less, I would have to rent. But I do enough on the computer to enjoy my time without it. If I see something I like I write the name down and go home and research it. Like Lee Bontecou. Now how did we get here from a quilt about evil?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good eating!

You know the snow was good eating when you come in with it still on your nose!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Small Ones

The Ohio Craft Museum is hosting a Quilt National Show, pieces from the 17th Competition from Feb 3 to Mar 24. The museum is located in Columbus, Oh 1665 West Fifth St. Here are 3 small pieces I sent down for the Museum Store. I was able to whip these up in about a week. A very good design exercise! I started with the image, added a background color and then moved extra colors around until I reached something I liked. The stitching went fast. Of course with my big machine you can sit down and quickly zip around the surface. Very fun!

Price wise? Between $100 and $200.