Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting for the Frankenstorm

Yeah, right. Weathermen have been warning to stock up on batteries and candles so I had better hurry and post this. Actually stores in Cleveland have sold out of generators because people from PA and NY have come here to buy generators because their stores were sold out.

I say don't get milk and bread, get beer and cigarettes, those are things that will be worth more after this armageddon of a storm hits. Lets hope it blows all the political stuff off TV.

Ahem, in the meantime. a little hand work will suffice. This has the working title of Men of Clay. It is a photo of a photo in the Zanesville Museum. They have a wonderful pottery collection. Mostly Ohio based pottery from the Zanesville area.

I have to finish the upper left with Kantha stitching and the bottom right will get some more fill in stitching and then binding.

Today the studio assistant and I went and turned the barn assistant into the arena to stretch her legs. Thursday was so beautiful in the 80s that she spent the afternoon nibbling grass and rolling in the mud. Ah, the simple life!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Little Word


In an email from Quilt National!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

I'm not sure we can post photos, it's such a touchy thing, you feel you almost have to work under the cover of darkness to make pieces to enter. I work late at night anyway, but still. I have shown the quilt to a few friends and showed it David Hornung the master class teacher at QSDS last year. As soon as I know it's OK I will post photos. It is the first quilt I made using my Sweet Sixteen machine from HandiQuilter.

This has been a busy week, Textile Art Alliance has India Flint in from Australia, holding 3 workshops which are full, Wed Oct. 10 she will give a talk at Cleveland Museum of Art at 7pm. All are welcome. Then I will be attending the Art Quilt Network retreat. October 21 is Textile Art Alliance's Wearable Art Fashion Show and Boutique at Landerhaven. Early shopping and lunch tickets are sold out but the general public can shop from 1 to 5pm for a $5 fee. This is our 9th show so we have it down pretty good, lots of one of a kind clothing. Some fashions are over the top and some quite affordable.

Not to leave you hanging, ok, bad joke. Here is a quilt that did NOT get in Quilt National. Titled Monday, it is from a photo I bought at a flea market. It intrigues me that someone took a picture of their mother hanging out wash.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Whole Lotta Hand Stitchin'

The current project, which is requiring hand stitching in the background. From a photo at Zanesville Art Museum. They have a large display of pottery, Zanesville is well known for Weller, Rookwood, Roseville, McCoy, etc.

Ohio residents may want to check into the museum they are sponsoring a quilt exhibit for next year to coincide with Quilt National, entries are due Dec. 15th.