Sunday, July 27, 2014

What am I up to?

Good question. Mostly work. My part time job has doubled a bit since someone resigned and then our co worker's husband went into hospice and passed away. That left two to do the work of four. No problem. My yearly horoscope said I was coming into big money!!!

I have been working on the Focus: Fiber catalog and a rack card, nearly done. And then there are two quilts I want to finish to submit to Quilt National. Why? It's called paying your dues plus every once in awhile you come up a winner. I don't plan on getting in. Why? (I'm full of questions tonight, aren't I) I don't plan on getting in because I have become friends with one of the jurors. I have noted whenever I know the juror I don't get in. Whatever. Still entering.

Just as a teaser here is the start of a QN piece, which does not look like this now. Felted, sewn, embellished. Very different from my usual. But every now and then you need to go totally out of your comfort zone. Some people drink, I say break out some felt and an embellisher. I got a little wild and broke 2 needle sets one afternoon. Expensive mistake, they are $18 a set. Five needles on a round holder. Crazy me! Live and learn.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You know you are a grown up when. . .

you have patio furniture! Oh heck you know you are a grown up when you can say you have a patio.

When I bought this house it had a wooden deck that sat about 6 to 8" over the concrete. It harbored chipmunks, old leaves and rotten spots. My brother was worried I would go through the deck and break my leg. I figured I would just break an ankle.

I had fun deconstructing the deck, prying all the wood off, I found out it wasn't attached to anything, just sitting on top of the concrete, the weight of it keeping it in place. I had 32 2 x 4s and a couple of longer wood pieces which the city would not take from the tree lawn. They figure it's treated wood and they don't want it in the land fill. Can't blame them for that but if it was treated it wouldn't have rotted. I got my trusty jig saw out and cut it into pieces that fit in the trash can. Voila!

There trips to the big box store for pavers, a table, an umbrella and chairs. Now I can sit on the veranda and reminisce about the good old days. Actually I sit on the patio and think about painting the ugly red fence next to it white.

And just to prove it is summer. The cherry tomatoes are ripening. The regular tomatoes need to ripen, the cucumbers are blooming and should be setting fruit also. I see a BLT in my future.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paper Stuff

I like to play with paper. And I have been known to buy paper. Much like fabric, it's tactile. Yeah tactile. At QSDS Jiyoung Chung had a five day and a two day class in Joomchi. Fabulous stuff was made and her samples were to die for. Up in Cleveland, Textile Art Alliance brought in Bill Norton a teacher at Cleveland Institute of Art for a joomchi 2 day workshop. Fantastic Fun!
Class participants, note the smiles, even the teacher! (Me on the far left.)