Friday, February 24, 2017

Space Pieces

The Hidden Life of Black Holes. This started as 4 small squares that were monoprinted, stitched and beaded. This was from an Ilze Aviks class I took at QSDS. They hung around for awhile until I decided to put them together and covered them with netting and tulle. I made them look like they were bursting from the tulle. About a year later I learned about free motion stitching and added the stitching in the background. This was before I figured out how to print on cloth. It was a journey.
A close up.

A second piece. The beading gives these pieces a lovely feel and weight. It goes rather quickly if you get yourself to sit and do it. Put some classical music on, or queue up some CDs.
Keeps your hands out of the cookie jar!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I am working on another Dad piece. The photo is a professional photo that was taken for his work. He looks a little stern but up close  is a little softer looking. Maybe I just think that as I really loved my father and hope I carry his integrity forward, but I digress. The circle is a newspaper page I painted with amber shellac. It has a wonderful texture but after I stitched it, it became rather fragile. Time will tell, I am now stitching the face . I love to do the stitching but worry that it is not going to look good. Tension!

This is a very old piece I started and then got stalled on when I moved. And I moved 5 or 6 years ago, I was bored one day and pulled is out. I have added tons of beading in the past 2 weeks. Maybe I will finish it finally. It will be my third space piece. Who knew?!

I will have to take a photo of one of my oldest pieces, The Secret Life of Black Holes. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Boy Who Loved Flowers

My brother Mickey is a truck farmer, that is he has a small farm where he sells veggies at a roadside stand. He also has 100 chickens and sells eggs and meat chickens. He keeps bees also. There are flowers but not for sale, of course, if you ask he would probably give them to you.

My mother loved flowers and we always had a house surrounded by flower beds as well as a large garden. We canned and froze a lot of produce, veg and fruit.

I guess it comes naturally!

 A close up, underneath the face is flowered fabric, the stitching is an varigated pastel pink and blue. It all works somehow.