Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring – Finally?!

Let's hope spring is finally on it's way. Rain for 2 days, sometimes a really hard rain. It rinsed off the winter crud. Hmm, I should have parked my car out in it. I did drive it in the rain last night coming home from Holy Thursday mass. We have a really beautiful celebration of the last supper with washing of the feet, mass and a candle lit procession out of the church with the host to the "Garden of Gethesamane". Lots of singing and ceremony. Very solemn.

Kitchen Conversation is humming along under the machine. The stitching is being done along the edges, this is where it gets tedious and critical. It's a bit of a job to keep the bulk of the quilt under control so I can stitch the outside of it and not mess up the finish. I want to fold the edges over for the finish so I am constantly checking that I have trimmed it correctly, otherwise I will have to take stitches out so I can trim the backing and batting to fold over smoothly. I know, I know, it's hard to explain unless you see how I work it.

In the meantime I am planning the next piece. I like to have a backup plan for the next one. I sent this image to Spoonflower. It will be printed on chiffon. I want to play with the transparency more. I found this picture of Joe theAppaloosa looking all soft. He was very picky about his riders but when he liked you he was good. Fortunately he grew to like me. It didn't hurt that I brought the carrots!

Monday, March 12, 2018


A lot of quilters don't like quilts made from photos. They feel it doesn't reflect the past of quilts, no patchwork. I've put patchwork on some pieces, mostly it bores me unless it refers to the image. And I have to admit I'm not good at making patchwork. I'm just not interested in lining up seams, etc. I guess I spent my work life lining up things, especially when I did magazines, making sure columns of type were aligned, I was good at it and I was speedy. Not interested in doing it now. But sometimes I sneak some patchwork or cloth on the back of the quilt. I find the backs as interesting as the fronts, sometimes even more so. I usually use white muslin as the back, you can see the photo coming out in the stitching. I put pieces of fabric on the back of this to refer to the era and the kitchen in the photo, a fun surprise for the back.

The blue fabric is from an old tablecloth from the fifties, I can't find anything conquerable now. It reminds me of windmill cookies which we rarely had, my mother made cookies, she didn't buy them.

Look someone is out of bed. Well really he is just back from a walk around the block, headed back to bed to warm up. It's still cold out. 35°F. Snow tonight. Woohoo!

Friday, March 2, 2018

March is in like a Lion

Rain up the wazoo. My little man is rather prissy when it comes to rain so he resorted to using a pee pad. Well, he tried, but being a man, he missed. Clean up in aisle 2. Again. Really?!

I went to take care of Skittles and he had to go for the ride. He is not a big fan of the barn, the horses are not all tolerant of him being under foot and the cat is smart enough to hide from him. Boring.

But the work continues on Kitchen Conversation. In fact I have added more stitching and some color to Dot's skirt and mom's dress.

All is well except for too much rain, wind, snow and ice. Oh and the electric was out from 9:30 pm to 5:00 am. The furnace ran for over an hour to warm things up again. The little man was hunkered down next to me, growling at the weather, silly boy.