Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year!!!

Even if you think snow is for the birds.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

TAA Member Show

I am in the midst of getting ready for Christmas, doing unnecessary things like painting my bedroom. But I really wanted it to look better and that involved moving all the furniture; desk, chest of drawers 3 full bookcases, and the bed The sticking point is 3 full bookcases. Yikes! But now it is all done, my former studio is patched, painted and set up as a bedroom. Both rooms painted a light grey with blue under tones. Very sedate. Or may I say, sellable?

Here is my latest piece. In the Third Grade I Fell in Love with the Nine Patch. The nine patches are old patchwork samples that were collected by the Cleveland Museum of Art then de-accessioned to TAA for fund raising. I did it for our Textile Art Alliance Member Show which will open  at Lorain County Community College February 17. I am the TAA coordinator of the show. Actually I am now the vice president of TAA.
I also landed a part time job as a secretary at church. This added to the freelance work at the ad agency should keep me out of trouble. I wouldn't count on it.
It has been very cold here, in the teens and poor Miss Skittles finally got her blanket put on. I think she wanted it the way she stuck her head in the opening. The whole time I was brushing her and putting the blanket on Willy was yelling for a flake of hay, making Skittles a little tense. But she has  trust enough that she needed that blanket and that hay would come she let me fix her up. When I first got her she might have given me a hard time. Evidently age is a good thing in a horse.
Then little Miss Dyna decided to help paint by curling up by the freshly painted wall, there is nothing like a black dog with grey racing stripes. I didn't take photos because I was in a hurry to get her washed before the paint dried. And no, making snow angels does not remove paint, she tried! Boy how she tried.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Few Details

I have been told I leave too many gaps. And I think that's true so here are some details.
To the left is our family home at sunrise. I have lived here all my life. In fact across the road is the 98 acre farm where my mother grew up.
It is a large house 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, formal living room, family room, 2 car attached garage and a small barn that fits 2 vehicles and some chickens (we actually had a cow in there at one time.)
When my mom died the house was left to me, unless I didn't want it, in which case we will sell it and divide it between myself and five brothers. Well, as a single person I don't need or want this large house, it's a lot of work and with 2 acres of grass to cut, it's a 2 and half hour ride once or twice a week. So it will be on the market in the spring. Unless I decide to open a B&B. Nope that's not going to happen. So this winter it's Dyna and I are painting and fixing things up. Dyna is moral support. She won't even make me a sandwich because she says she doesn't have opposable thumbs, whatever, she is always good at making me laugh.

Now Skittles the horse, I have owned her for 12 years. I bought her and showed her a little, my niece showed her a little and she is just good fun. She will be 21 years old on January 6, my dad's birthday, which is one of the reasons I bought her. She is a registered quarter horse with very smooth gaits and while she was very petulant when she was younger, she has either mellowed or else we're just used to each other. But if she hasn't been ridden in a while you can throw a saddle on her and go out and have a good ride. She was boarded with good friends, Nancy and Paul, but they sold their farm and she now gets boarded with their daughter, Julie and her horse Willy. She lives about 10 miles away and they are in the middle of building a barn and arena for permanent quarters. Skittles and Willy are in a lean to behind a workshop on Julie's property. It's not that bad, pretty snug, just a little dark, no windows but there are lights. All will be well when the barn and arena get finished, right now there are poles awaiting rafters, walls and a roof. The Amish are coming. I will see if I can get photos, the Amish are not willing to have their picture taken. Right now there is a foot of snow on the ground.

Friday, December 3, 2010

How to make Corgi snow angels

Someone was very excited to see snow today. There was constant begging to go out. Why? Corgi snow angels. There were 5 of them on the driveway in a short time. And since it was snowing pretty good they disappeared quickly, so I had to go out with the camera and document them.

First, select a good spot and roll

 Roll the second side

Contemplate your work

Rest and make sure you have melted sufficient snow

and you have a wonderful yard decoration!
Happy Corgi-days!

But if you the energy left you can add corgi drawing to the yard by running some quick circles through the snow. Best done at top speed!