Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Work

Work on the wall, the large piece is 70% stitched, the portrait piece is in contemplation. The temp has been very low which means the studio assitant and I have hunkered down, stitching (which she hates) and making cookies which she enjoys. 

Doggie cabin fever ensues which goes like this; Arf, arf!!! she looks at the door. Do you want out? Arf, arf, arf!! I open the door she walks out, looks around, barks, comes back in. Five minutes later we have the same conversation again. 
A walk was in order and I thought at 20°F we could make it, we did but the wind chill was 0°F. Yikes! But there was no more conversations!

Help the squirrel threw snow balls at me!

Friday, January 24, 2014

what to do on a cold day

Play with your new fabric!            
Disregard the color I shot this under the dining room lights.
I'm not sure what my brother Bob was doing, singing? These are my two older brothers who were in marching band playing trumpet and french horn. I took maybe 2 or 3 trumpet lessons, my teacher told me I had no lip. Other people have told me I have too much lip. Go figure.
I did take 7 years of piano in spite of not having long fingers, I could reach an octave and that was about it, but I had good rhythm. Ask me about the finger stretching exercises I used to do.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New stuff

Your Grandma Is Always the Queen of Your Heart. I stayed home for 2 1/2 days and made this. No trips to the barn or the store or work. It took a week or so. I actually had this printed and it was going to be an Elizabethan type portrait but my brother Mickey was way more fun on that piece.
Ah, winter! 3°F during the day. Yikes!! Even Dyna wasn't a fan. Instead of laying in the snow it was a quick potty and back in. Skittles (the horse) is wearing a fleece blanket under her regular quilted blanket so she was toasty, but what a cleanup after no stall maintenance for 3 days.
A new piece is under way. Spoonflower has printed and sent the latest projects. Can't wait till they get here. Below is Mama's Boy. A study for a bigger piece, loving the blue thread.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Into the New Year

Happy New Year!! May all your creative dreams come true!

Here is A Day at The Races, my great Aunt Kitty handing a tray to the winning jockey. The race photos are in the strip running behind them. This was a lot of fun.Her dress is embellished with hundreds of yellow french knots.

I have uploaded a new panel to Spoonflower with 3 projects on it. One of them in full color which will be a departure for me. It is a photo of my brothers in their band uniforms. We shall see what happens from there.

The other project here is staying warm. It was -14°F overnight. I think the high today was 5°F. Thank God, I added insulation to my attic and basement, especially when the insulation guy told me I had an R4 to nothing in the attic (and nothing in the basement and crawl spaces.) I am now at R44.

I didn't go out, I stayed home, paid bills, vacuumed, made cookies and cut out a tote bag from vacation bible school outdoor banners. I love recycling, especially if it something clever. Well, I hope it is clever, time will tell.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Going national!

TAA announces that entries are now open for Focus: FIber 2014. This will be a national competition for all forms of fiber art opening September 26, 2014 at Erie Museum of Art. A pdf can be downloaded from 

TAA is Textile Art Alliance an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art that promotes the collection of fiber art by the museum.

Our juror is Paola Morsiani, Director of the Nueberger Museum of Art of Purchase College, State University of New York. Paola was curator and head of the Contemporary Art Department at the Cleveland Museum of Art previously. 

The show will run through January 18, 2015. We will be producing a catalog of the show. Entry closes on May 1, 2014. You can also email for a pdf of the prospectus.

Above is a photo from our show at the Canton Museum of Art. The piece on the right is my piece titled Miss Finegan's Eighth Grade.