Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Hanging Going On

I made this piece in the months before I found my new house and moved. It fits above the fireplace as if I had made it for the area. Kismet?
I love looking at my dad, it's kind of a classic image, don't you think? These are images I had Spoonflower print and I added the stitching and the words, Mairsy doats and dozey doats and dads are topsy turvy. The one above the couch has patches of grey suiting material.

When I was picking art for the bedroom I thought I didn't want to wake up to people looking at me so I added these painted and beaded pieces, which makes me think about doing some beaded things again. I find the beading very relaxing, plus there is something about hearing the sound of a heavily beaded fabric on your work table.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hanging Around

In an effort to make this place very homey, my mother, just back from The Ohio Designer Craftsman show, stands ready to take a walk at the front door.

My grandmother and great aunts and uncle are relaxing by the couch.

My mom and aunt are enjoying a drink while my grandmother waits in the background.

And Mom is standing on a bumper, part of the Your Mother Warned You series.
Your Mother Warned You About Fast Boys with Fast Cars.

Today is very windy with a temperature of 54°F. I went to buy lattice strips to finish my Focus: Fiber quilt and ended up with half price bags of bulbs also. Next spring I will see the fruits of my labors; tulips, daffodils and crocus.
The studio assistant guarded me, no neighbor can sneak up on you when she is on the job! What a good girl! Now if she would just learn to dust or run the vacuum cleaner.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Nothing says it's your home like some art on the wall. These are my collage painted pieces and some older painting and drawings.
And this just arrived in the mail from Spoonflower, my overhead lights throw a yellow cast on it, but it is pure white. What will happen next?
I do need to unroll my big pieces and hang them in the living room. This week. I have picked out wall colors but will probably paint this winter or next spring. I need to get to the sewing machine and do some art painting too.