Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hanging Around

In an effort to make this place very homey, my mother, just back from The Ohio Designer Craftsman show, stands ready to take a walk at the front door.

My grandmother and great aunts and uncle are relaxing by the couch.

My mom and aunt are enjoying a drink while my grandmother waits in the background.

And Mom is standing on a bumper, part of the Your Mother Warned You series.
Your Mother Warned You About Fast Boys with Fast Cars.

Today is very windy with a temperature of 54°F. I went to buy lattice strips to finish my Focus: Fiber quilt and ended up with half price bags of bulbs also. Next spring I will see the fruits of my labors; tulips, daffodils and crocus.
The studio assistant guarded me, no neighbor can sneak up on you when she is on the job! What a good girl! Now if she would just learn to dust or run the vacuum cleaner.


  1. I love these. What are the created on? Fabric, canvases or ??

  2. You are right at home....I love your studio! Blessings! Peace, Mary Helen

  3. TLC they are cotton duck that is painted and stitched and then I layer a xerox of the photo and embed it into the canvas with gel medium. Now I am printing photos on fabric and stitching into it but they are also large, as close to live size as I can get them from 2 x 3 photos. Thanks, Mary Ann

  4. Mary Ann, they are all delightful!
    Such an innovative way to show those family snapshots!

    Q: What kind of printer do you use to make your prints for transferring? Or who do you use to enlarge and print them? I've tried this technique before (but on paper) and it didn't work. Not sure why, thought maybe it's b/c we have an inkjet. Or something.
    Do you ever do one day workshops? (Cuz we're all kinda broke ha-ha.)
    I'd love to get the hang of this technique on cloth.

    Thanks for your work and the pics of Ms. Wendy and the Paint Princess. :-)


  5. Treena
    When I was printing on paper I took a CD to Staples and had them print them on 24 x 36 paper. An ink jet won't work, all the ink will come off you need prints from a toner print that sets the ink with heat. You will get some ruboff but I just have them a little darker that I wanted. Now I am having cloth printed at I have a Canon scanner that I set to scan at the largest dpi (9600) and then I adjust it in photoshop to 300 dpi so it enlarges the photo. I have done some one day workshops and I am working on a two day one. You never know. Where are you located?