Monday, April 22, 2013

QSDS Class

It's a great honor to be asked to teach at Quilt Surface Design Symposium. It's where I learned about Art Quilts. Quite innocently, in fact. I took a class in fabric manipulation as I was making Western Pleasure Show clothes and thought I could get some different ideas for embellishment. I bought a Quilt National catalog which I enjoyed, but then I had the bright idea to actually GO to QN and see the quilts in person. WOW!! I wanted to be part of art quilting. I knew I was going to be an artist since the fourth grade. I was making a living as a graphic designer and messing with my own art after work. Not actually making anything great, just messing around. Seeing the quilts at QN stirred something in me and every summer was QSDS time. I took a lot of classes and learned a lot of technique. I took a Fran Skiles class and that made my direction clear. That year was followed by Ned Wert's collage class, he made me believe in what I was doing. Dorothy Caldwell was another eye opener and Judy Hooworth was inspiring.
Now it's my turn, June 8 & 9 this year come learn a bunch of transfer ideas and play with collaging everything together. Fun guaranteed!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Spring is hopefully finally springing!
I have a very large Swamp Oak tree in my backyard. It is a shedder. Constant small branches, some are from the squirrels sharpening their teeth but it was full of dead branches and has never been trimmed. Until 2 weeks ago. . . it has to be done before the trees start to bud as it can get disease from the cuts to it. The tree trimmer made a date, and then it snowed, it blew, it rained gustily.
Finally it was a decent day and the tree was trimmed. It had to be hand climbed and trimmed because there is no access to the back yard with a crane. It doesn't look like much was done but just having the dead stuff over my electric wires removed is good. I hate dead branches in a tree. We'll see marked improvement once it greens up.
On the show circuit, I will have pieces in the QSDS Unexpected show at the Ross Museum at Wesleyan University. I have been busy adding rods and labels to quilts. Not that I am complaining.
Now I am hoping for rain because I put Weed & Feed down to improve my lawn. but I don't want the Studio Assistant to walk on it until is soaks into the weeds I call a lawn.