Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Spring is hopefully finally springing!
I have a very large Swamp Oak tree in my backyard. It is a shedder. Constant small branches, some are from the squirrels sharpening their teeth but it was full of dead branches and has never been trimmed. Until 2 weeks ago. . . it has to be done before the trees start to bud as it can get disease from the cuts to it. The tree trimmer made a date, and then it snowed, it blew, it rained gustily.
Finally it was a decent day and the tree was trimmed. It had to be hand climbed and trimmed because there is no access to the back yard with a crane. It doesn't look like much was done but just having the dead stuff over my electric wires removed is good. I hate dead branches in a tree. We'll see marked improvement once it greens up.
On the show circuit, I will have pieces in the QSDS Unexpected show at the Ross Museum at Wesleyan University. I have been busy adding rods and labels to quilts. Not that I am complaining.
Now I am hoping for rain because I put Weed & Feed down to improve my lawn. but I don't want the Studio Assistant to walk on it until is soaks into the weeds I call a lawn.

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