Thursday, July 26, 2012

A can of paint (or two)

My front door before paint
With primer, hmmm, makes the beige living room look greenish

Ahh, laughing orange with my mom ready to walk out the door.
Sewing before
and after
And my dining room with my first quilt Crow Princess Tea Party. Funny how the light affects the paint, this is much "oranger" in person. Makes the art pop off the wall though. The boxes are my box pieces where I cut through the box and insert a fancy doll house window and then decorate the inside. Kind of cool now that they are on the wall you can really look at and through them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Doldroms

I think I have become lazy, but it's probably just a cooling off period after being very productive. I read other blogs where people work "9 to 5 with a small break for tea, a very small sandwich and a walk in the nearby woods". It's not happening here, trust me. But there is a break for a stall cleaning and lunch. There is usually a small nap in there also.
But I have made a small piece. I was brought up with something on top of bare wood table tops, my mother always had small crochet pieces her mother made but they are worn and stained now. Here is my answer for my night stand.

Then there are the beige walls that are starting to bug me.

Beige, beige, beige! The whole house! Walls, and floors.
And here is the answer. Paint! I have two colors after looking at the walls for a few months. Laughing Orange (the dining area and sewing room, 1 wall each) and Humorous Green, 2 walls in the living room.
This is approximately the green. Its Sherwin Williams. First I have to prime with gray then the paint. When it is a strong bright color you need to prime for a smooth outcome. Double work but probably worth it. The living room seems a little dim due to the deep porch out front.
I will take pictures to document it. I did get the camera back together though I did lose one screw, of course, they are tiny little suckers.

And the studio assistant has been suffering from summer itch.
A combo of the hot weather and grass and weed pollen.
Here she is post bath.

Since it has been in the 90 to 100°F range we had quit the walks but Sunday night she was ready and went all the way around the block without a leash. She kept looking back to see if I was keeping up with her.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I dropped my trusty little canon camera, the top has sprung apart, it barely works. I would have to find my other camera and batteries to show you. . . it may be quicker to find a tiny screw driver, take it apart and fix it. Wish me luck, or else. . .