Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Satyr Day Night

I am contemplating what to tackle next. I like these guys and I have printed several more of them but I would like some different satyrs. I know where I took this and I think there were three of them, al in different states of repair. Since it has been several years, like ten?, since I took this photo I bet they are in even rougher shape. I thought about dashing up there yesterday when I had a meeting at the museum but since it was 17°F and the wind was zinging off the lake I didn't do it. Yet.
I leased a new car, a 2015 green Kia Soul. How wonderful to drive and the dashboard lights stay on, I can read the speedometer and the check engine light is not going on and off. Goodbye HHR, sorry for the early demise, but seriously, 66,000 miles and you want your engine rehauled!? That's above my pay grade. All I want is dependable.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Three days of fun

Textile Art Alliance hosted a lecture at the Cleveland Museum of Art and a workshop with Sue Cavanaugh who does wonderful huge and now sculptural shibori works. We had 17 participants in the 2 day workshop that was held at the Bratenahl Community Center. I know some of us were a little worried when we heard we were to be in the basement room but it had big windows and 3 sinks. Perfect for a little dyeing and painting (of dye) on our stitched pieces. The room big enough for all of us.
What is it about women getting together and stitching? A fun time was had by all. New friends were made. And I think we will have 2  new TAA members.
Sue stayed with me. She is so much fun! We ate out every night and had a great time talking about her adventures in Germany and a plethora (don't you love that word?) of other subjects.
Now I need to get some new work going. But a break and a new technique is always good.