Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Hibiscus

My neighbor had 2 beautiful hibiscus by her pool this summer. The flowers would shoot up and I could see them over the fence. She doesn't have room in the house to over winter the plants so she placed them on her tree lawn.
They now live at my house in the basement waiting for next summer. They must be grateful for they are blooming like crazy. I am intrigued by the stamens. They look like a weird space creature.

Here is my next project. My grandmother Barbara Gilgenbach. All her grandchildren called her Mom, my grandfather was called Pop. They lived across the street from us on a 98 acre farm. They raised chickens, cows, corn, hay, soybeans and all kinds of veggies and 9 children, six girls and three boys. My grandmother passed away at the age of 89. This is a photo I took of her when I was in art school, I have it quite large, four and a half foot wide and three and a half foot tall. I am thinking about kantha stitching the background. I am going to look for some gray floss for the stitching, something subtle.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Girls are going to travel

Girls in the Garden will be included in the Ohio+5 exhibit at the Dairy Barn in Athens Ohio. Show opens January 22nd. Woohoo!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

4 Girls in the Garden

Four Girls in the Garden. A breath of spring time. I had a photo printed at Spoonflower but felt the faces were too dark so I printed them on flowered fabric on my home printer. Then the dresses were a bit depressing so I made patterns and cut them new dresses. I then printed arms and hands on more flowered fabric. Some embellishments and silk flowers later, this appeared. Fun!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Changing It Up

One of the benefits of making a lot of work is the ability to quickly redecorate.
This is the first art quilt I did, called Crow Princess Tea Party. I didn't have much of a clue. I had made another quilt in the 80s from a pattern that I quickly changed to add more farm animals like fluffy tube sock lambs and pink plaid pigs. I guess I have been a rebel from the start. Follow a pattern? It's easier to come up with a better idea.
I made Crow Princess from a doodle I made during one of our tedious morning work meetings (they were filled with gossip, weekend plans, anything but business). I made the quilt and brought it in to work maybe a year later. Everyone loved it and didn't recognize themselves. Which made me really laugh.
I painted the wall to match the orange African batik cloth in the background .
But I like to change things once in awhile so. . .
Martha's Wedding is back from the Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2015 show and is now on the wall. I wasn't really happy with some of the quilting but the more I look at this it has some really nice things going on. I especially like the color thread work on the sepia print. and I love the way they are standing with their arms intertwined. Who was Martha? They were pretty dressed up but wearing aprons, were they making the wedding lunch? It's my best guess since they lived in a close knit farm community.
When I was going through the closet to look for the hanging rod I noticed my altered apron from a previous Designer Craftsman show.
It now hangs on the wall for all to see.
My grandma rules! She's the last one on the right in Martha's Wedding and the Queen of the Kitchen on the apron.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back to Some Creativity!

Enough of the negative energy swirling about my poor green car. Totaled. And having to contend with a most disagreeable insurance agent in the world. Progressive Insurance, shame on you! I now know how victims feel. But Kia Souls have a five star crash rating and Dyna and I walked away a little stiff and sore for a few days but OK over all.

I started working on Four Girls in the Garden. I thought the print I had made was a little dark especially on the faces so I reprinted them on floral fabric, much better. Then I got to thinking about flowered dresses, which these pretty obviously were but I am working from a black and white photo so. . .

Here they are, lots of stitching to do, some of which is done but needs some refining especially on the hands, etc. I am thinking they may need some flowers in their hair also. Flower buttons on the dresses. Lace collars? Lots of possibilities. I need to get back to my small collages also.

This piece has lifted me out of the doldrums, which is a good thing! So many of us get stuck and then you wonder how you are going to get unstuck. I worry about it at times but I have established a good library. I have a stash of magazines, binders of articles from magazines, DVDs of Craft in America, Art 21 and several quilt related DVDs. Anything to add a creative nudge. Dyna thinks a walk around the block to see who peed where is invigorating. I take her word for it. What do you do to unstick yourself?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Post Car

The news is my poor little green alien Kia is toast. Frame is bent and it is not safe to drive. So the hunt will be on for the next vehicle. Another Soul, it drove so well and was fun. Good gas mileage. And it can take a good whack. The other car was going 35 mph and never hit the brake. Sent my car flying at least 30 feet if not more.
Another piece from the small collage collection.

And now off to watch the Great British Baking Show. Who knew there were so many pastries and cakes and breads? And suet pudding? Spotted Dick? Bar cakes? Fascinating!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Well, you fix one thing and then something else happens.

Like someone forgot to look where they were going, or was texting, or yapping to her friends.

Anyway, since things are hanging off underneath and rubbing, this is undriveable. It happened 1/2 block from home so I got it home.

Now I wait for insurance to call. Not the 5 doctors and their companies that called starting at 8:15am offering their services that would support my pain and suffering claims. No I'm looking for this ladies insurance company to call, fix this and get me a loaner. I'm betting she has no insurance. Just saying.

And how is your day going? Hopefully better than mine.

And the studio assistant wants to report that she was thrown very suddenly on the car floor and was very shook up. She is better today.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's Back!!!

Back to work after a six week hiatus! I called the shop Friday afternoon and was given the don't call us routine until I asked to come pick it up and take it elsewhere. Some how the story changed to You're next on the list. We have a sign that says 3 to 4 weeks. This is the normal procedure. Yada, yada. 

Funny how that machine was miraculously fixed in less than 24 hours. If you are in South Amherst, Ohio do NOT drop in on the quilt shop there. Just sayin'!
And there is no 3 to 4 week sign on the register. There is so much crap on the counter you can barely see the register let alone any sign on it!

Back to collaging these little pieces, it shall be fun!!! And the best thing is I won't wake up at 5am wondering how I am going to do all this sewing with no machine.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


No Bernina! Six weeks Saturday!!! I will post the name of the Shop that has confiscated it on Tuesday after I call them. Just a little peaved. I know people get sick but please let people know what is going on. I called and was told "
Don't call us, we'll call you." Bad business etiquette if you ask me.

My assistant agrees. And she rules all.

She is feeling better after a bout of fleas followed by a hot spot.  I thought she was going to chew her hind leg off. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mr. Bernina, Where Are You?

Mr. Bernina ( I call it Mister because it is not working) will have been gone for a month on Saturday. I feel a little lost.

I have been working on a thread painting with the Sweet Sixteen but. . . I have been invited to participate in a collage show and have been asked to contribute some fabric collages. It's a great opportunity to promote fiber to people not used to thinking of fiber as art.

I have piled up some pieces that just need some sewing together. They are small like 11 x 17 or smaller. I am thinking of adding magnets to their back so they can be hung on thumbtacks. Easy, peasy.

Mr.Bernina please hurry home!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Under the Bed

I love to read. And I am not picky, cereal boxes are fine, the morning paper is better. I usually read at least 10 minutes before I go to sleep, usually something about art. Under the bed this month is Stitch Stories by Cas Holmes and Fabric Pictures by Janet Bolton. Two inspiring books with plenty of ideas and sparks for future pieces.

 I have been invited to participate in a collage show at the Pop Shop in the 78th St gallery. The show will open in January 2016. Since a lot of my pieces are large I decided to do some smaller, affordable work. It's a shift to work smaller but good design is good design. (At least I hope it is good design).

A gathering of pieces-parts has gathered on my work table. The Bernina is taking a vacation at the repair shop, nothing serious I hope, so hand work is happening.

What's on your horizon?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Labor Day. Kind of a nothing holiday to me. Glad for a day off work. sad to think of the end of summer, but really knowing until the end of November there is nothing to worry about weather wise.

It does make me ponder all the places I worked. Can't say I would repeat any of them. Though I do like working at the church as a part time secretary. I always feel I have helped somebody or moved them to a safe place where they can find help.

My last advertising job was a big disappointment.  A big fancy advertising agency full of big headed self important people. Truly bad decisions being made by upper management that always managed to take out the lower rung people. Now I am truly glad I am retired, my leaving was followed by my mother's down turn in life and I was able to care for her, so that was fortunate. But telling your main client you see no need to review and tweak your plans for their advertising needs was stupid. So 11 people were pushed into the street. Now this agency has dumped workers again. Same story of their dwindling client service. Top heavy with managers and VP's it's only time before it completely collapses on itself. Sad.

Above is a linoleum cut I did in art school. Sorry I never saved the linoleum cut, I could print a few more on better paper. Oh, well. I could be talked into repeating art school!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Spatagus- Pinto/Paint. All two tone horses are pintos but not all pintos are paints. Pintos can be any breed, it really just a color thing, a two tone horse; arab, morgan, tennessee walker, saddlebreds, etc. Actually quarter horses are never 2 tone and I don't think the thoroughbreds accept them either. I can't recall seeing a two tone horse in a race on TV (I've never seen a gray race either). Paints are stock horses though never gaited. And then there is the coat pattern, tobiano or overo. Tobiano is more common.

So this is Spatagus tobiano pinto, for sure. I don't think I ever got paint papers on him. But he was fun.

Today I dug out a lot of black and white fabric with dots. I'm thinking appaloosa.

And I am working on some smaller collage pieces for a show at my friend's gallery in January.

Monday, August 10, 2015


TAA is hosting another Focus: Fiber Show. We are taking entries at Press the call for entry tab, enter Focus: Fiber 2016 and then scroll down for more info. The show will be held at the Kent State University Museum, opening in February 2016 continuing through July 2016. Final day for entry is August 30, 2015.

One of our requests was that artists use a velcro hanging system. This causes some confusion as not everyone does this so here are the details:

1. Sew loop velcro to twill tape, use a sewing machine to stitch it down. Don't use the sticky back velcro, it doesn't hold well for long and messes up your machine needle.

2. Sew velcro/twill tape to back of quilt. You can do this by hand or machine. Your choice.

3. Staple hook velcro to hanging rod/lattice strip, about every 2 inches. I usually paint the hanging stick first so it is archiveable. Bad me, I was in a rush here. Drill hole in rod so it can be attached to the wall.

4. Nail rod to wall, smooth quilt onto the rod. This system makes it very easy to hang large pieces by yourself. If your piece is very long you can easily make 2 or 3 rods to save on shipping costs.

And for a little frivolity

Spatagus: Pinto with an Attitude
He needs lots more quilting and a tail.

Friday, July 24, 2015


After going through several sketchbooks I came up with some ideas I had thought about when doing my Outstanding His Field quilt. It's of my horse Spatagus. He kind of was my "climb on and I'll take care of you horse." I pretty much learned to ride on him. He was a kind horse who had been passed around and at times was pretty much neglected. I paid his board for nine months and he was mine. I think my cloth sketch is way off in proportion. It is just the start, things always change!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where to?

Usually I am thinking about the next project while I am finishing the current project.

Not this time. I finished American Dream the first of July and am looking through photos and doing some writing down of thoughts and ideas. Is the next thing a series of clothing made into quilts about people on the hard side of life? I am thinking about this and will start to visit second hand shops looking for clothing that speaks to me about it's previous owner.

I have even found some photos of people that may fit. Or the faces may be fabric, fabric that may tell more of the story. I want the faces and arms and legs to be rather ambiguous. Not telling the race of the person, other than that they are of the human race.

Isn't that all we need say about our race? One family, one race, human. Peace.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Road Trips

One of the benefits of going to QSDS is the bus trip. This year being a Quilt National year we went to Athens. What can I say, always work that makes you want to work harder to be better. Some work that puzzles you, some that makes you think a little deeper and some that makes you laugh and remember to enjoy life. Even more fun when you know the artist.

The other show we saw was Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2015 at the Ohio Crafts Museum. And here I got to be the artist. As always the placement was great, the rocking chair is a piece by Christopher M Krauskopf of Kentucky. Lots of variety in this show with ceramics, furniture, fiber, metal, etc. This piece was my Quilt National reject, but it fit perfectly here!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Long Time Ago, Last Week

A long time ago, say maybe 30 years give or take 5 or 10 years, this lady owned a horse. He was a gorgeous looking horse. He could be dead lame and win a halter class, he had a beautiful body. He was somewhat of a knot head, he liked to throw a buck in just for fun when you rode him. He was also very fastidious in his stall, pooped in one corner and would prefer to do his business outside, thank you very much. He was particularly adverse to pain, which was the reason for his lameness, he had a touch of arthritis in one knee which was treated with cortisone shots. I liked to say he had "A body by Fisher and a mind by Fisher-Price." He decided to have a bucking fit one winter night and put me in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder and several compressed vertebrae. I recovered and shortly after that he was traded for a  wonderful quarter horse mare who went on to teach several children how to ride.
Anyway, I spent last week immortalizing that beautiful, bad horse in fabric. Here he is before the background was completed. I spent 7 days at Quilt Surface Design Symposium in a master class with Rosalie Dace, as always a wonderful class with 17 like minded people. Several had breakthroughs with their work and it was awesome to watch the progress happen. There is something about being together in a creative atmosphere and QSDS is one of the best places for experiencing it. Signups for next year are in progress at

This lady also showed up. I would say it is a self portrait, I am a very tidy person (almost to obsession) but sometimes look unkempt. There will probably be more of these and they may become life sized. Very fun and quick to do. Thank you Kevin Womack for the floor scraps which became hair.
PS Kevin made some beautiful pieces which we all can't wait to see quilted.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

My dad William Richard Tipple, World War II. He was stationed in New Guinea and built hospitals in the jungle. My dad never talked about the war. One thing we knew was that he hated canned corned beef.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Something New

Red Cross, Man
35" w x 25" h

Can be seen at QSDS Small Works show.
Hey 35" x 25" is small for me!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Best of Ohio 2015

Martha's Wedding has been included in the Best of Ohio Designer Craftsman 2015 Show at the Ohio Craft Museum 1665 W 5th Ave, Columbus Ohio. Incidentally you do not have to an Ohio resident to enter the show. From their website:
Ohio Designer Craftsmen’s 32nd annual juried members’ exhibition will showcase exemplary works in clay, glass, fiber, metal, wood and mixed media, selected by juror Beth Ann Gerstein, Executive Director of the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California. The show travels to the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth, Ohio, July 18-Sept. 5 and then to the Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, Ohio, Sept. 20-October 25.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Blogaversary to me!

Yes, 6 years April 13.  A picture of my Mom and I in front of the quilt I did of her. For the Saintly Mother Who Has Slipped and Fallen. My mother has since passed away. The house was sold and I have lost 75 pounds. The latter part was good. And I love my new house.

April 19, 2016

Whats Going On?

My Sweet 16 was hauled off to the repair shop and is back and ready for action. Thank goodness Anna's Sewing in North Omstead, Oh has become a Handi Quilter dealer. It saved me a long road trip. It does fit nicely in the back of my car. They were made for each other, I just hope it's a couple of years before it needs another repair.

I started this next piece on the Bernina and I will probably finish it there since I have it threaded and working. I an using a few decorative stitches which the Sweet 16 does not have.
So far I am happy with it. I think there will be more buttons. We’ll see.

This week was delivery time for Martha’s wedding for the Best of 2015 show at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus Ohio. The show opens May 3.

I also took some tag collages down for the gift shop. Some affordable delicacies. Yum! I love the float frames from Joann’s. Every time they are on sale I buy at least 2. I have been busy using up extra photos. And I put a descriptive dictionary word on each piece so it tells a story.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Unfortunate Break

This is as far as Ladies at the Pump has progressed. I was stitching away on the pump handle, contemplating the next color of top thread when I ran out of bobbin thread. I had 3 empty bobbins so I got out the winder and filled them up. I put the bobbin back in the machine and started back up when the needle decided to be a loosey goosey and embedded itself in the quilt. The machine let loose with a cry for help and decided to show the pink screen of Handi Quilter!! Yikes!!! Not good.

Since then it has refused to pick up the bobbin thread. I could drag the quilt over to my Bernina but the HQ Sweet Sixteen has spoiled me. I will haul the HQ off to the nearest dealer who has assured me they can fix it. They just got the HQ franchise a couple weeks ago. Good timing else I would have a 90 mile drive and back to Mentor, OH. Which I would have to make twice. Note this is not a good photo it really is squared up pretty much. I love the lime green, black and white table cloth in the background, I remember it being used at dinner in the 50's. Am I dating myself?

I will have to switch gears and work on the TAA member show piece I am calling Spanish Lady. I am liking the background fabric but it needs more contemplation.
Happy Easter, Passover, Spring. Eapasp?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Inspiration wall

Along one side of my design wall is a bunch of random bits of art, experiments, newspaper clippings, etc. Remnants from past projects, explorations for new projects. Every once in awhile I will decide to take it all down and start again. Never a good idea, the blank space is a little depressing. It's better to rearrange and "fluff" it a little. Note the little red bird on yellow is my prized Ginny Smith piece. The hanging yarns on the right are from a Khipu workshop held at Cleveland Museum of Art. The 2 green woven pieces are a bit of hand weaving done as an experiment. The horse on the bottom left is the start of a large piece I plan to do this summer. The gold piece is some trial embroidery.

I had to do some googling of addresses for work and found a site that listed addresses, names, careers and phone numbers. I googled my address and discovered that I am listed as a craftsperson! I consider myself an artist but after thinking about it I think that the word craftsperson is a high compliment. A lot of people feel the urge to call themselves artists but how many of us think that we are skilled enough at what we do to be called a craftsman. I struggle to keep refining my work to be the highest quality. Through working with the museum I have realized what it takes to have your work in a museum, fine art, yes, career, yes, quality, yes, it's always being on the reach for the next level.

I'm not sure how I got off on that tangent but here is a contemplation of a piece I would like to do for TAA's member show this September. TAA is the recipient of a lot of deaccessioned CMA textile pieces, we auction them off at our member luncheon and sometimes we sell to members for $10 with the provision that you make a new piece with or inspired by the textile for the member show. Here is an 19th century top with embroidery that I bought at a luncheon. I am contemplating making into a new piece. I had to try it on. I am sure that this is a remnant  of a top that had sleeves and a skirt of some kind. At this point it is a lot of lovely hand embroidery on a linen body. Hmmmmm, how to show off the embroidery!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All Around the Studio

A little collage of my studio

And a little kantha stitching on a jacket I made 2 years ago. This is about a week ago, I now have about 4 or 5 inches to go.

Today was a big meltdown and look what was under the snow!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ladies at the Pump

Ladies at the Pump has started. The middle lady is  my grandmother. Isn't she cute! I love her smile.

Even though the studio assistant loves cold weather, rolling and lolling in it, she would like the temps to hit 32°F once in awhile. Enough 0°F and below!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter colors

Flowers reaching for the sun on a cold winter day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Thursday

A selection of brown thread awaits Little David who is being mega stitched, fun, fun, fun

And a miracle today! I had my cataracts done 2 years ago but sometimes a film grows between the lenses and you. It can be lasered off. Quick and painless, tonight I can read, thread the machine twice as fast and drive safely!!!

Lucky for Little David, he needs lots more stitching.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Under the Needle

I have finished a list of projects. The biggest being new basement windows. Not that I personally put them in but I did get 3 estimates, schedule the work and write the check. New glass block that does not leak water and air, seems warmer in here somehow.

I taught a photoshop playday at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Interesting, and a difficult subject, there are so many versions and if you are really comfortable with the program you forget the confusion the many ways of doing one thing can generate. Good to put that project behind me!

Now for "Me Time" I started Little David a few weeks ago. I had another project in mind and started it but David was bleating for attention. He is going to have lots of stitching which is proving to be fun. He has gone from black and white with touches of tan to brown, white and black. Fun! The actual photo is top left, as it gets more stitching I use the photo to reference how is coat lays.

Now, back to snow shoveling. Some people need a gym, I like to work out in the yard. Nothing like a free workout.