Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back to Some Creativity!

Enough of the negative energy swirling about my poor green car. Totaled. And having to contend with a most disagreeable insurance agent in the world. Progressive Insurance, shame on you! I now know how victims feel. But Kia Souls have a five star crash rating and Dyna and I walked away a little stiff and sore for a few days but OK over all.

I started working on Four Girls in the Garden. I thought the print I had made was a little dark especially on the faces so I reprinted them on floral fabric, much better. Then I got to thinking about flowered dresses, which these pretty obviously were but I am working from a black and white photo so. . .

Here they are, lots of stitching to do, some of which is done but needs some refining especially on the hands, etc. I am thinking they may need some flowers in their hair also. Flower buttons on the dresses. Lace collars? Lots of possibilities. I need to get back to my small collages also.

This piece has lifted me out of the doldrums, which is a good thing! So many of us get stuck and then you wonder how you are going to get unstuck. I worry about it at times but I have established a good library. I have a stash of magazines, binders of articles from magazines, DVDs of Craft in America, Art 21 and several quilt related DVDs. Anything to add a creative nudge. Dyna thinks a walk around the block to see who peed where is invigorating. I take her word for it. What do you do to unstick yourself?

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