Monday, October 27, 2014

Forget QN, Let's Play in the Barn!

Here is the newest playmate. Little David, a pygmy goat. The barn owners gave him a home after the petting zoo closed. Lily named him after her dad David. Congrats David, he's your new son!

He is about 24 inches tall, neutered and as springy as a little goat can be, they can jump incredibly high from a dead standstill. He lives next to Skittles and she treats him to her best ear-pinned-back scowl every day. Being a happy little guy he ignores her. A wise choice.

I think he looks a bit like these guys: When in Rome: Satyr Day Night, another thing you won't see at QN, their loss. The background is felted with organza and various materials including floss and thread ends that were embedded in the felt. Lots of fun to do. I want to take the embellished felting pieces bigger and bolder, who needs little coasters when you can have a wall piece! I had the satyrs printed and then stitched them onto the felt. I have a feeling Little David may be a quilt someday. Maybe the Satyr will visit him. Stayed tuned.

As always commenting is free. And so little is free these days!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Something you won't see at Quilt National

Martha's Wedding. Like 500 other people I wasn't accepted. Not the first time I haven't been in and probably not the last time but I try. If you don't enter for sure you won't be in!

A couple of weeks ago I was cruising through some blogs and came upon one that was explaining why she didn’t bother to enter Quilt National.

Reason 1. Been there, done that,
Reason 2. QN just wasn’t all that innovative any more.
Reason 3. Don’t need the affirmation that my work is good.

Reason 1. OK I’ve been there, done that, I would welcome the chance to do it again. It’s a great event with all kinds of artists and you think to yourself, Wow, I’m one of THEM!!! There are few things that compare to seeing your work hung in the Dairy Barn.

Reason 2.  QN just not innovative? It depends on the jurors totally. We can but submit work and hope and pray we get accepted. It’s the artist’s job to grow and stretch. Speaking honostly, making work to submit to QN keeps me going forward. I could just make quilts and throw them under the bed. But it’s better to let them see some light once and awhile.

Reason 3. Had enough affirmation? I don’t think any of us has enough affirmation., at least not in my world. Of course when I got in QN in 2007 my mother told me “Your Head Is Going to be So Big!” She also told me not to go to the opening. I went, and was proud and happy to be there. I am always surprised when a stranger comes up and says I love your work. What?! Who me? Gee thanks. I struggle to be gracious, and I am always surprised and appreciative. I figure if you don’t need affirmation maybe your head IS too big!

So we wait for the jury to let us know, In or Out. Most likely Out, the chances are slim of getting in. Out of 1000 quilts they maybe take 70, so what are your chances. But I know my work is my best, I am moving forward and what they don’t accept will see the light somewhere else.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Focus: Fiber 2014 Open!!!!

My good friend Katherine Dunlevey's trio of vests welcomes visitors to the Bacon Gallery saturday night.
The crowds were big, it was their Friday night gallery night. It seems all the major museums in the states have a free friday night once a month. Cleveland Museum of Art has it's first friday program called Mix which is a hopping party with some kind of special program.
But I digress.
The art was great, the catalog was loved, I made it back home before midnight. The studio assistant wasn't too miffed.

I am working on the program for TAA's Wearable Boutique and Fashion Show held October 19 at Landerhaven Cleveland. Big surprise for the runway show I'm not sure if I am allowed to tell. Let's just say the runway will be featuring some star's. Not saying what kind, but it is worth the price of admission!
I am back to working on my next commission piece. And contemplating what and where to go next. Oh and hopefully I get glass block windows installed soon in my basement. I shall be buttoned up for winter.