Monday, October 27, 2014

Forget QN, Let's Play in the Barn!

Here is the newest playmate. Little David, a pygmy goat. The barn owners gave him a home after the petting zoo closed. Lily named him after her dad David. Congrats David, he's your new son!

He is about 24 inches tall, neutered and as springy as a little goat can be, they can jump incredibly high from a dead standstill. He lives next to Skittles and she treats him to her best ear-pinned-back scowl every day. Being a happy little guy he ignores her. A wise choice.

I think he looks a bit like these guys: When in Rome: Satyr Day Night, another thing you won't see at QN, their loss. The background is felted with organza and various materials including floss and thread ends that were embedded in the felt. Lots of fun to do. I want to take the embellished felting pieces bigger and bolder, who needs little coasters when you can have a wall piece! I had the satyrs printed and then stitched them onto the felt. I have a feeling Little David may be a quilt someday. Maybe the Satyr will visit him. Stayed tuned.

As always commenting is free. And so little is free these days!

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