Saturday, March 31, 2012

What really happens at quilt retreats

You just never know do you?
One woman on the floor and everyone sitting around with their hands on their knees.

But seriously, it was my first AQN retreat and it was wonderful, new friends, old friends, some serious discussions about creativity and inspiration and where it all comes from.

And by Monday my new piece of Spoonflower printing shall be here for the next piece. It is a redo of my Windy Day quilt with the hanging laundry. The question is what will the background be? It will have to hang for some inspiration. And I have an idea for the next piece which will be a figure but not human. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ginny gives us the bird

I am down at the Art Quilt Network spring retreat. I have been on the waiting list for 2 years. Such waiting lists are hard to be on, you want to be in the group but you don't necessarily want people to pass away so you can be a member.
Last night Ginny Smith ( did her presentation. She does the greatest bird quilts ever. She is a fun person but a serious artist. Lucky me to know her!
Ginny is on the left.
Kevin Womack's shirts are in front of her. Lucky me to purchase a Kevin shirt!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring is springing

To anyone who has left me a comment. Due to software problems I am not able to post comments. But I did read them and I REALLY appreciate them.

The studio assistant and I are enjoying global warming. I have pulled the grass out of the front beds and am cautiously planting a few things. Bleeding hearts, lillies and hollyhocks. I have some peony bushes but I am not sure where I want them yet. Better to ponder that for a few days since they will be permanent. Here is the bare bones photo.

The side also needs more weeding and I need to figure out what the little bushes are. I am going to make this larger and plant strawberries there. I can taste the pie already!

And the back yard really needs help. I have a huge pine that is dying because of red spider infestation. And a a pine that has half of the branches missing on one side that leans towards the neighbors vinyl fence. They are going to go, and then I can clean the yard of all the little branches and acorns. The studio assistant says it's hard for little paws to travel over all of that. Then I have plans for butterfly bushes, a small veg garden and some herbs.

This is the cleaned up version of what I bought. I spent a couple of days cutting back weedy bushes and a ton of old leaves. The neighbors say nothing has been done back here for years. I believe them.

The Conversation is finished and will have to sent to be photographed. It has been a good couple of weeks. I have been juried into Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2012 which will open in May at the Ohio Craft Museum and travels around Ohio until November. I was also juried into the Quilt Surface Design Show at the Ross Museum in Delaware, Ohio for May thru July. On Monday they will have the object jury for Artist as Quiltmaker and I will see if I make the final cut. Fingers crossed!

I need to make more pieces. My living room will be down a couple of pieces. Or should I paint a couple of walls first? Naw, quilt some new stuff.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When paintings go bad

I have worked on this 12 x 12 panel for 6 months. It had glass beads and modeling paste it was red, it was black then it was bronze and white. It had cloth glued to it, then a rear turn signal from a truck. It couldn't settle down. But I wasn't going to give up on it. I even moved it to the new house.
Yesterday it got coated in plaster of paris. Now to decide on the next attack on it.

It's friend, who happens to be a stick, got plastered also.
Evidently the two of them had a very late night.