Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Happenings

The tree is up and so is the Nativity set plus some outdoor lights. Now I need to bake cookies.

I have been looking at dogs. I decided I don't need to spend a fortune on a companion as much as I would love to have a corgi again I'm not spending thousands on a dog that the breeder won't let you have breeding rights unless you give them another thousand. So I have been going to the pound, lots of pit bull types. Not my type! I am sure I will find something. Wish me and some dog needing a home some luck.

This is my brother Mickey. Probably a fourth grade photo, I painted the background on paper, added a paper copy of him, added more paint, photographed it and had it printed on fabric. I wasn't happy with the fabric reproduction I need to work on the photography end of it but I see possibilities for future work.

Four new posts at http://artquilttipple.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Blog

I have redone my website and added a new gallery section for the quilts I have been doing since 2011. I am having trouble with setting it up on the internet so I came up with the idea of a blog that is a gallery of work.


Each entry has a small explanation or story of the work.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

A New Look

I used to put together magazines for Meister Publishing, titles like, Agri-Consultant, Fruit Grower, Vegetable Grower etc. The owner would frequently decide to freshen the magazine with new graphics, fonts, etc. Exciting, fun times back in the day (1970s).

So it was time to freshen this old blog. I am sure there will be more tweaking. Enjoy!

Accordingly I have been thinking about my artwork. I have gone through lots of styles since I discovered Art Quilts in 2001. I have taken lots of classes at Quilt Surface Design Symposium (QSDS).

Fran Skiles' class was eye opening, I wanted to incorporate old photos and now I had a way. I loved painting the canvas backgrounds but after the paint they were too stiff to stitch and hard to control in the machine if I DID get them near the needle! The biggest quilt of this series was a 7' tall piece with 27 11 x 17" xeroxes, it was huge, I have seen hung twice, once on my garage and once in a show.

I discovered Spoonflower and have been able to get large prints and with the addition of a large sewing machine, the Sweet Sixteen, I have been working away at improving my stitching, adding color and content through the stitching.

But now I am ready to add more so I have thinking about the fun of painting again. This is my first stage of the first attempt. I printed out a photo of my brother Mickey and added him to a painted background and added more paint on the print. I plan to photograph this, do any tweaking in photoshop and have it printed at Spoonflower. Stitching will commence when it is returned.

Wish me luck! And stay tuned.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

more me quilts

I started this new girl and after many fabric choices the dots appeared. I noticed the transparency of the print fabric allowing the
underlaying fabric to appear and decided to make it a feature. A piece of small red dots and we have. . . tah, tah da dah!. . . Freckles!

I'm not sure it is a winner, but it's fun. I need to finish quilting the solid blue and the sweater.

A closeup of the stitching on the face. I am contemplating blue eyes but it maybe too much of a distraction. We'll see.

On other news fronts, poor Miss Skittles went out in the pasture and ate nettles. Her face and tongue swelled to alarming size. Usually horses don't eat toxic things but she must have got a mouth full before she realized it. She is on the mends but still swollen. Geesh!

Monday, October 3, 2016

And. . .

in my mind, it's all about the stitching!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Last Thing You Won't See at QN

Yep, despite popular demand, my pops won't be at QN.

I have been thinking about this and perhaps it is a good thing not to get in. As my mother declared the first time I was accepted "Your head will be so BIG!!!!"  And so I probably would have been all puffed up and thinking myself an "Art Goddess!"

I have calmed myself into thinking "I'm pretty damn good, but I can make better art." And so I will!
Personally I love the beaded tie. So my dad!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Ah yes, rejection sucks!

But lets remember that there is more than one show in the world and Rosie will see the light of day else where.

Sorry, Mrs. Crow, for your bad decision.

Am I bitter? No, just sad.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Things Not in Quilt National

Nope Barbara was rejected. Sad because I think this is the best thing I have ever done.
But being who the main juror was (the other 2 are people under her strong influence) and knowing she has a bias towards geometric pieced pieces I am not surprised.

I will be exhibiting pieces in a local show at Tri-C Community College West in  February and now I have 3 really strong pieces to show. Quilt National's loss.

I will put the other pieces up in the next week or two. I am not sure I will even drive to Athens to see the show, why waste gas?

Or as we say in Cleveland about the Browns, there's always next year!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Better Dads

 A detail of the quilting on the face


since I have morning light. . .

the back in detail


I am so blessed to be retired, pretty healthy and have a passion to indulge in. How lucky can a girl be?!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Business Dad

I started a new piece and finished it in good time, easy since it is 23" wide by 30" high.

I have the same photo printed with my dad facing the other way (flipped). I experimented with doing the face stitching in small circles in white. At first it didn't show much but the more I added, the more it added texture. I did the background in echo stitching in yellow and blue, the blue matching the eye color. the coat is done in dark red and blue plaid.

I need to do a close up photos for the details. I haven't decided on the binding yet. I am leaving that till I finish the companion piece.

And since I am always asked to see the backs, which are sometimes as cool as the front, I added some colored patches for interest. Hmmmm.
I definitely like the back of this. The hair turned out way cool.

Little Miss Me is also finished, I forgot to take a photo of it since I was anxious to start this.

And then this new girl showed up in the mail. Goodness! She's twice the size of my dad! This should be fun. I was 8 years old at the time. And I remember this as my favorite sweater of all time. Navy blue with a red stripe and the white was genuine angora! Yum!

Yeah, can't wait to start this one! I'm always wanting to see where it will finish. I have no ideas yet, maybe some old patchwork pieces? Just not sure.

Commenting is free!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jobs You Never Heard Of

Jobs like "I pack art for the museum!" who knew? There are lots of jobs at museums and I presume they are not high paid positions, but you would be in the museum: group liaisons, art packers, docents (very much unpaid), maids, clerks in the gift shop, etc. Just in case you want to work in a museum but not spend years and years studying for your doctorate of art.

Tuesday Andy Rock stopped at my house to pick up piece for an exhibit at the Ohio Decorative Arts Center. Glad to be included in the show and happy not to have to ship it!

If you are in southeastern Ohio in the next few months, stop and see the show!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olympic Fever

It's been Olympic Fever season here. I love watching the gymnastic competition. When I was in high school, gymnastics was just starting to show up in the gym replacing archery and dodge ball. I think I was a junior, in my last year of compulsive gym when the school bought a high beam and a set of uneven parallel bars. I could walk the beam if it wasn't high off the floor but the day I was told to just hang off the high bar and don't worry we'll catch you if you fall was the end of my gymnastic career! I told the gym teacher don't worry you won't have to catch me, I'm not going up there! And I never did. I used to think I was shy and retiring when I was younger, reflecting on this story I guess I wasn't!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Self Portrait

I was asked about doing a self portrait and I found it an interesting idea. I had done a self portrait in 2013 when I was still doing xerox copies on painted canvas. I was experimenting with deconstructing and piecing things back together, my attempt at humor in the uptight quilt world. It was piece entitled In the Fourth Grade the Artist Discovered Picasso. It was in a QSDS show held at the prestigious Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Every once in a while PBS runs a half hour show of Tracy Rieger and Linda Fowler explaining the art and there I am in the background. It still makes me laugh and now it hangs in my hallway, I'm still laughing, it was a clever idea and it worked!

Now this new girl has appeared on my design wall. She's quite a bit younger maybe four or five years old. I'm sure my mother carefully wrapped my hair in rags and combed out curls in the morning, a perfect Shirley Temple "do". I was missing a front tooth which the photographer retouched. My mother had great hopes of turning me into a girly girl. Alas she also provided me with five brothers, I was seated right in the middle of all their maleness. I like to wear dresses but I am just as comfortable (Ok, maybe a little bit more so) in a t-shirt and jeans. Of course growing up in the late sixties bell bottoms, poor boy tops and sneakers were all the rage. We took the culture away from suits and dresses into casualness. I'm not sure it was all good, but I don't think I want to wear a girdle, hat with matching bag, gloves and high heels either.

Maybe I am being contemplative because my 50th high school reunion is this summer. Hard to think about when we were the generation who thought you died when you turned thirty five. The joke is on us!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Eye of the Beholder

I redid Rosie (the red). I thought the original Rosie eye was horrible. Plus I had made the black and white photo a red duotone that was close to Rosie's real color but it seemed a bit garish when it was printed. This eye is much better and her expression seems much more contemplative. Which means she was thinking of summer grass on a cold winter day!

I  went to our TAA member show Sunday at Lakeland College in Kirtland and had an interesting discussion about our Critique Workshop with Jane Sauer. It was commented that the group was very giving and genuine in constructive suggestions. I think that maybe we were tempered with age and wisdom, at least I hope that was the case. We had one younger (late 20s/early 30s) whose work was much admired and many encouraging comments were made about where to show and her next work direction. She sent us postcards thanking us for the love.

Maybe it is just the great vibe of creative women, there is historical precedence for women cooperating to make things. Many times the women gathered and made large dinners for barn raisings, crop gathering, quilting, etc. Or we just gave someone a shower for marriages, births, etc. Points to ponder.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Not sure we should laugh at this

So I ran out of big pieces of muslin and white felt which I use for backing and batting. I had JoAnn coupons so off I went and made a purchase of 4 yards of each. True to form the cutter asked what I was doing with the material.

"I am an art quilter and I use the muslin for backing and the felt for batting." says I.

" I love art quilts!" says the clerk. "What size bed do you make them for?"

Maybe these are twin size? I don't think Jack Walsh has them on a bed though!

Quilt National 2013

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Next Up?

First off Dad is finished. I think it will be titled WR, after my dad's initials. His given name was William Richard but his mother hated the name William and called him Dick. He was known as WR in business. My dad had the ability to take over manufacturing companies that were not doing well and turn them around. He was smart, practical and a good salesman. He had a dry sense of humor that would come out of left field. I would like to think I inherited some of his better qualities, at least the humor one!

Next up is a re-do of Rosie, I was not happy with the finished piece, the eye bothered me. I had done it twice and it still was not right. And then I was going to crop and
make it smaller so I marked it with chalk which I could not remove. Shucks! So I had it reprinted as a black and white piece. The original photo was an 11 x 17 black and white print I did after art school when I had a dark room.

I think I will do the eye first (no pressure) and see if it works better.

The great debate is on about a new dog. I do miss my Dyna. But it is nice to go do things and not worry about rushing home for dinner and pottying. I think a rescue is maybe a good idea. Corgis don't exactly grow on trees, I just want a nice companion not a fancy confirmation dog. I don't think I will show obedience again though I would probably take the new guy to classes to socialize and learn a few things. Plus obedience is fun.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Work, work, work!

I just finished a three day stint of eight hour work days. I can't remember the last time I worked an eight hour day let alone three in a row. I survived! And it's not like its a physical hard job, mostly answering phones, some accounting tasks, book work, etc. I love working at the church, it is very satisfying being able to help people. Our senior pastor Father Bob Sanson retired yesterday after 49 years of priesthood, a wonderful man, gentle and inspiring. He will be missed.

My next project is a piece on my father, Dick (WR) Tipple, we are fighting out the layout of this piece. I was going to use an old suit, shirt and tie but he made me go to the store and buy new suiting material. I did sneak part of the old shirt in. My dad was a sharp dresser with a wardrobe of flowered ties in wild colors, my mother bought them and my dad wore them, in the 70's and 80's before they were in vogue.     

Our show Focus Fiber is coming to an end, we had Jane Sauer come in for a closing reception, lecture, critique workshop and gallery practices seminar. Very informative. The critique workshop was wonderful. Ten of us gathered in a museum classroom to present our work, we talked about our process, intent and future projects. The input from Jane and each other is going to propel each of us to better work. There is something about like-minded people being gathered together that is so uplifting.

If you get the opportunity to participate in a critique workshop or independent study do not be afraid, run toward it! Everyone participated with suggestions, ideas and resources for each other. I think some new friendships were formed as well.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

Friday, June 17, 2016


As a retiree I needed a vacation from all the projects I had going, so off to QSDS I went! For a class called Mixed media with Betty Busby. Five days of non woven experiments. I learned lots of new techniques, made new friends, saw old friends and helped register students. I'm not sure what kind of vacation it was but it was a change of pace for sure!

I did some work on silk habotai with markers and inktense pencils and water which I really enjoyed.

The return of the bloopies!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fathers and Gardens

Whats on the design board? Fathers! My dad at his desk at work and Father Bob Sanson. Father Bob is retiring and I am doing a surprise portrait for him. He is a wonderful pastor emeritus for us and although he is retiring from working at our parish he will be very active saying masses, advocating and doing work for the diocese.

My dad died maybe 30 years ago, he would have been 100 years old this year. I still miss him (and my mom). This will be a tribute to him. The funny thing is that both pieces I have gotten in to Quilt National have been my dad, even though I have done many more quilts of my mother. Just one of those weird things I guess.

The garden is planted. Yesterday I rototilled a bale of peat moss into the dirt and planted tomatoes, basil and cucumbers. The raspberry bushes and coming along, mint and chives survived the winter and I have made a pot of rhubarb sauce. Ah spring! And the strawberries in front have fruit on them. I can taste the pie already.

And the back flower garden is ready to pop open!

And then this Old Goat popped up. I was experimenting with doing thread painting on a stabilizer which worked out great. The top and bottom textile is a de-accessioned piece from the Cleveland Museum of Art teaching collection. I hope to have this piece in our TAA Inspiration show this summer.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tis Spring!

because the rhubarb is up!!!

Actually my patch has really filled in and is going to be ready to harvest in another week.

I am thinking rhubarb sauce, I cook down the stalks with a lot of sugar and throw in a can of pineapple, chunks usually. It's really good with roast beef. Sort of like cranberry sauce. Also good on toast or just in a sauce dish.

I need to work up the garden with the rototiller and add some sand to loosen up the soil, I went out with a hoe and it was as hard as a rock! But the weeds are having no trouble breaking through. Sigh.

Back to Father Sanson's El Salvador quilt. I hope to finish it this week.

I was invited to participate in a group show at the Tri-C College Gallery next January with a group of local artists. I am thinking my Quilt National rejects will be part of my contribution but then I was thinking there are probably vitrines and I could do some "affirmation balls". Ginny Smith taught us this at an AQN meeting. Mine is the small blue one which I embellished with a photo of my aunt as a child. It has an affirmation buried inside it. I plan on affirmations about being creative and happy. Then I will have to make a cloth bowl as a container. Anything to push the creativity.

Monday, April 11, 2016


One of the fun things about owning  a horse is buying great saddles. I have a Billy Cook western pleasure show saddle that is as comfortable as a broken-in recliner. You can relax and glide across the ring in this baby. I always figured I could just put it on a saddle rack in my living room and use it as extra seating, it is pretty!

My venture into horse portraits has come to a good close. I think my Rosie quilt is finished. It is a piece that has pushed me forward, this one has over 300,000 stitches in it. Just a teaser, here is a close-up of her mane.
Since Quilt National will rear its head this year I am keeping some pieces out of the public eye.

And the saddle is for sale since Skittles and I are retired from showing and for that matter riding. At 26 years old she doesn't owe me anything, we enjoyed many a safe ride, in the show ring and the back yard.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


I was lucky to take Dorothy Caldwell's class entitled Mark Making many years ago, which started me on the practice of making mini books. I usually have one in a plastic bag to take to work or whenever I think I will have some quiet time to work on it.

I take embroidery floss of the metallic kind, a needle, some small prints of photos, a needle and a small scissors. The backgrounds are pieces of fabric I have quilted and then cut into pages, this particular set is joined by mattress ticking. I have piles of random fabric I have dyed, painted, monoprinted or whatever, I rip or cut them into small pieces and throw them on randomly. They are kind of a design warm up. Or maybe it is a remembrance of dear Sister Carmelita, second grade teacher at Saint Peter grade school who famously pronounced "Idle hands are the devils work shop!"

Whatever it is just plain fun to stitch away mindlessly, and they do pile up! Watching Dorothy's students from last years class at QSDS I am not the only one who has the small book making habit. Betcha!

If you ever get the opportunity to take a class with Dorothy, go for it. I have taken Mark Making, Kantha stitch and a master class with her, all highly recommended.

Go to www.qsds.com for all kinds of inspiring art classes in Columbus, Ohio.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Falling in love

with stitching! Gotcha, although a little man love is a good thing. It's just not happening here right now.

But I have fallen in love with stitching. I find myself spending time with my Sweet Sixteen, changing thread to compliment the background, trying out bobbin thread to reinforce the effect, watching JoAnn ads for thread sales, even keeping a list of thread colors. I have a large collection of greys since a lot of the work I have done is black and white. On Barbara I played with adding color to the black background.

I think the stitch is such a part of the quilt I can't figure out why some people just pass if off to others to finish their work. Maybe they don't see it as such an integral part of the art. I think you can add depth, color and texture with stitch. Plus it's just darn fun to add! At the left is Rosie my red and white paint horse from long ago. She is about 3.5 foot square. I was going to crop in tight on her head, it's about twice life size but every time I walk by her hanging on the design wall I think it is so cool to see her huge.

Of course you can get carried away as I was with Little David. I started out to stitch him and ended with a fur baby. I entered him in about 4  shows and he never got in. I figured maybe I shouldn't do that again, I did have problems with buckling of the fabric with such heavy stitching. Then he got juried into Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2016 and he won the grand prize!

Never give up, there is a place for everything. In a new piece I backed the print with stabilizer, did the stitching and then added him to a piece of cotton duck, problem solved.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Studio Assistant

Dyna, registered name Leonhaus Dynasty,  was my buddy. She lived with my mom and I. When my mom fell and had a stroke, Dyna visited her in the hospital and nursing home. When Mom came home Dyna was the in-house guard. She stayed by my mom and watched over her, often walking under the wheelchair. She would take visitors back to her bedroom laying under the bed until the visitor needed an escort to the door.

She was not a fan of sewing machines preferring to stay in the bathroom away from the racket the machine made but she would make periodic trips out to check if I was finished.

She loved walks, all the kids in the neighborhood were her friend. She and the mailman had a real love affair going on, it was was the only time she was naughty, running down the sidewalk to greet him, he carried cookies for her!

Unfortunately dogs do not have a long enough life span and at the age of 14 with her hearing gone (a great reason to each your dog hand signals) and her vision getting dim, Dyna's large heart failed her and the vet and I agreed it was time to go. There is no reason for such a sweet dog to suffer. I prefer to think she is following my mom and dad across the golf course in heaven. Maybe she finally caught a squirrel!

RIP Dyna

Here's a link to my popular post
How to Make Corgi Snow Angels  http://textiletipple.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-to-make-corgi-snow-angels.html

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Show to Visit!

 Focus: Fiber 2016 opened Friday at Kent State University Museum. It is the best show Textile Art Alliance has sponsored. We went national in 2014. This time we had the great fortune to have Jane Sauer as a juror. We used an on line entry service which made the entry so much easier for us. Collecting the data for the catalog and image gathering was much, much easier.

Yesterday afternoon we gathered to view the results, overwhelmingly great. Depth, variety, size – too much to take in at one sitting.

 At right are the committee, from the left Marty Young, Karen Hinkle, Jean Druesedow Gallery Director and myself. We are very thankful to Kent State for hosting us, receiveing and checking in all the art and the masterful job of placing all the wonderful pieces.
 A small view of one of the galleries
Sandy Shelenberger (center) one of our local artists.

We had a wonderful dinner with the artists, committee, TAA members, CMA curator Louise Mackie, Jean Druesdow and Janice Lessman-Moss Kent State Textile professor.
I will be visiting the show again to take photos to post here.

In typical Ohio fashion after a quiet drive to the show and dinner we had a mini blizzard with snow, ice and blowing winds limiting visibility, a white knuckle drive home, but I made it!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Off to the Presses (and Back!)

The Focus: Fiber catalog has been put together, sent to print and is now sitting in boxes in my dining room. I love the cover piece Golden Boy by Jacqueline Mehring.It's a 6" x 6" punch needle piece. I love the colors. she has 3 pieces in the show.

The opening is this Friday afternoon at 3:30pm. We are never sure of weather in February. Usually we have 36" of snow by now, this year we have 8". We're all waiting for the hammer to fall.

Of course the studio assistant is pretty bummed by the lack of snow since she loves a good roll in the snow. That and laying in it at midnight. I'm always afraid the neighbors are going to see her out there and call the ASCPA on me.

And I have much better sight since I had a laser procedure on my left eye. It's hard to thread needles when you can barely see out of one eye. I had the cataract surgery but then you can have a film grow between the lens and your eye (I guess). They did the right eye last year but put off the left one till this year. My mother would say they were jacking the bill up. They probably were! Any way after a 5 minute laser session you are good to go and it's not supposed to grow back. Amazing times we live in. A professional photo of me and the assistant. She looks pretty good for 13, except the hearing is pretty much gone and her sight in the dark is not good. She never complains though.

So it is back to stitching. Barbara is getting closer to finish, I should have saved the thread spools for a final count of the thread used. Or I should write down the stitch count on the Sweet Sixteen when I started. It's probably up in the millions by now. And being that it is a Quilt National entry year I should not show any more photos. That is making the big assumption that I would get in!