Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where did May go?

I didn't realize its been nearly a month. I have worked nearly full time, mowed lawn at least twice a week, finished a huge piece of work. 67" x 69" I am not going to picture it here but I did have a post when I was first laying it out. February 9th post.
And now I am packing... for Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus Ohio. A master class with Judy Hooworth.
Master classes are self determined projects. Really an uninterrupted time to work on whatever you wish. And I would, but my pieces barely fit on the two six foot long table I pushed together in the basement. So I am thinking about the embellisher and some gray wool felt and some stitching. If something comes of it I will post it, promise. But I am not promising to be prompt. Just hedging my bets.
Think of Lee Bontecou's art as a jumping off point. We'll see.
The studio assistant is not pleased. She is not happy about my working and her watching mom, but on the other hand she is happy to handle all leftover pieces of ham and toast, thank you very much.  And when that truck gets packed on Monday and pulls down the driveway she will really be miffed. I bought her a big bag of treats today.
I'm sure it's really not big enough.