Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Joe in the Roses

I finished Joe in June but I have been busy with another piece and sending out a commission. Actually I just started a third piece!

With Quilt National, FiberArt International and Focus: Fiber deadlines looming I wanted to have a "body of work" to select entries from. Maybe 1 more? We'll see.

I am in love with this piece. I always liked the photo of Joe. He is so soft and innocent looking. Trust me, it was all an act. He was picky about his rider. He did teach me how to show. We got along at the end, I could ride him bareback with a halter, just go out in the pasture, lead him over to a fence and hop on. And he loved babies, there was a weanling we would take out in the pasture for a stroll. All was fine until the foal looked underneath him for a drink of milk. . . whoa, Dude!

I had this printed on chiffon and laid commercial fabrics underneath. I was going to go with graphic dots and checks but he wanted flowers. He was right, as always.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


A dirty word these days. I don't care, I love my country. I was born here. 
My grandparents came here through Ellis Island. They scrimped and saved on farms in Europe to come. 
It's my heritage. To be hard working. To worship the way I want. To speak my mind. To care for others. 
I wish this for others. There is a right way to do it. Follow the rules. Respect the rights of the people who have built this country. 
Those who came and those who were brought here against their wishes. They endured great hardships, worked hard and are part of the American story. 
Respect all our history and sacrifices. 
Come the legal way. 

Our Dads. 
Quilt National 2007