Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Series (I think)

At least I think this will be a series, I have been playing with this photo all summer. I did 2 auction pieces for Quilt Surface Design Symposium where I printed this image on a piece of pillow ticking that I had splashed with white paint.
I made a panel of 3 dads and had Spoonflower print it twice, so I had six dads to play with. I have a piece with 3 dads that I am going to start next and then I will have 1 dad left to work with. I am loving the Spoonflower print site. Easy to upload and I have had really good turnaround from them. Great quality prints. Now if the quilting is up to the print quality is another question but I could never stitch my other big pieces with any kind of control, I had to sit two foot away from the work with foot pedal out from the machine, balancing the piece on my shoulder as I "steered" it through the throat of the machine, holding the rolled up sections out away from me at some points of the sewing endeavor. It always bothered me that I couldn't stitch them. With the painted canvas, once you stitch you are committed since the holes are there.
This is more forgiving, I had fun stitching and figuring out which thread color to use. The next one will have more stitching and some writing.
Of course you plan these things and then things can go in another direction. But that is the fun of doing art, you never know where the road will lead!
The road from the old homestead here is going to lead in a new direction, I think it is sold. The septic gets pumped Tuesday in preparation, and if all goes well, October will be moving time. I have looked at lots of houses on line and one in person that didn't work out. Water and mold problems in the basement. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer, there has to be a nice ranch out there with my name on the mailbox!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 2011

Ah, summer! Soon the pasture will be done and someone will be able to go swat flies as she eats grass. Note the studio assistant in the background.
I rode Miss Skittles last Tuesday. We both survived. She was a tad on the  "Oooohhhh, I could just throw a good buck in here" mode. Of course she hadn't been turned out for a while to run and I didn't lunge her. Dyna sat quietly watching until I stopped in the middle of the arena, which is her cue to run out and look at me as if to say, "Are you done? I think you should quit. Let's go home. Ok? Are there cookies here?"
Here is one end of the church garden. In the middle are 98 pumpkin plants. Can you say pie? And off to the right are 50 4 x 8 garden plots for parishioners. All planted and being tended. We are in the zucchini picking mode already. These week I picked up a flat of cabbage, a flat of sweet potatoes and 3 flats of onions. All going to be pitched by the greenhouse because they need to be planted and sales have slowed. We are glad to plant them, they will be part of the free community suppers we (and several other churches) have at the end of the month. It's a great effort to feed the hungry and that is our garden committee's goal.
And I have been working on several projects including the piece to the right, so far being called Dirty Toad or Toady. I am sure the name will change as I start the stitching.
I also made some flannel blankets for my nephew's baby, due in August, a great aunt (again) if I do say so.
And I have ordered another piece to be printed by Spoonflower. a great print of my dad.
And one last piece of good news, I will have a piece in the Focus: Fiber exhibit at the end of the year. It will be held at the Canton Museum of Art opening in December. It is a regional show hosted by Textile Art Alliance, an affiliate group of The Cleveland Museum of Art. I have been busy coordinating the entries and will begin to put the catalog together this week.