Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Series (I think)

At least I think this will be a series, I have been playing with this photo all summer. I did 2 auction pieces for Quilt Surface Design Symposium where I printed this image on a piece of pillow ticking that I had splashed with white paint.
I made a panel of 3 dads and had Spoonflower print it twice, so I had six dads to play with. I have a piece with 3 dads that I am going to start next and then I will have 1 dad left to work with. I am loving the Spoonflower print site. Easy to upload and I have had really good turnaround from them. Great quality prints. Now if the quilting is up to the print quality is another question but I could never stitch my other big pieces with any kind of control, I had to sit two foot away from the work with foot pedal out from the machine, balancing the piece on my shoulder as I "steered" it through the throat of the machine, holding the rolled up sections out away from me at some points of the sewing endeavor. It always bothered me that I couldn't stitch them. With the painted canvas, once you stitch you are committed since the holes are there.
This is more forgiving, I had fun stitching and figuring out which thread color to use. The next one will have more stitching and some writing.
Of course you plan these things and then things can go in another direction. But that is the fun of doing art, you never know where the road will lead!
The road from the old homestead here is going to lead in a new direction, I think it is sold. The septic gets pumped Tuesday in preparation, and if all goes well, October will be moving time. I have looked at lots of houses on line and one in person that didn't work out. Water and mold problems in the basement. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer, there has to be a nice ranch out there with my name on the mailbox!


  1. i just love your work. i have some old black and white pictures that i would like to do this to. You mention Spoonflower. Now are you uploading an actual picture? I have looked at the Spoonflower site and it shows fabric.And do you have any videos, etc., on how to create your quilts? Thank you so much for your site. I would like to visit Ohio but live in Florida. Coming here anytime soon?

  2. Anonymous
    You never know but right now the only place I am going is down the road to the new house! I was on Series One of Quilting Arts TV. I demonstrated my way of using gel medium to push xerox copies into the surface there was also an article in the Oct issue of Quilting Arts (2007). I have been scanning photos and enlarging them, doing some photoshop effects and then uploading the files to Spoonflower to print on fabric. I send it to them sized the way I want. The trick is sizing them up, I scan at 2400dpi and then downsize to 300dpi which automatically upsizes and you don't loose detail, Thanks Mary Ann

  3. Oh great! I'll have to check out the DVD and magazine. I have some but not that month, wouldn't you know it. If I'm not too pushy Is there any way that you can help with the photo and scan part, if so what would you charge? I appreciate your comments as I have been driving myself crazy to find the right look for my picture quilts, I'll call them. I love you work. Sandy in Florida

  4. email me at always glad to help