Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fathers and Gardens

Whats on the design board? Fathers! My dad at his desk at work and Father Bob Sanson. Father Bob is retiring and I am doing a surprise portrait for him. He is a wonderful pastor emeritus for us and although he is retiring from working at our parish he will be very active saying masses, advocating and doing work for the diocese.

My dad died maybe 30 years ago, he would have been 100 years old this year. I still miss him (and my mom). This will be a tribute to him. The funny thing is that both pieces I have gotten in to Quilt National have been my dad, even though I have done many more quilts of my mother. Just one of those weird things I guess.

The garden is planted. Yesterday I rototilled a bale of peat moss into the dirt and planted tomatoes, basil and cucumbers. The raspberry bushes and coming along, mint and chives survived the winter and I have made a pot of rhubarb sauce. Ah spring! And the strawberries in front have fruit on them. I can taste the pie already.

And the back flower garden is ready to pop open!

And then this Old Goat popped up. I was experimenting with doing thread painting on a stabilizer which worked out great. The top and bottom textile is a de-accessioned piece from the Cleveland Museum of Art teaching collection. I hope to have this piece in our TAA Inspiration show this summer.