Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger

Where, oh where, have I been? Yikes, I just realized its been a month since I wrote anything!
Well, I have been around, here and there. I finished two quilts and entered two shows. Mostly trying to take care of my mom who is fading slowly away. Dementia in the elderly is a slow, torturous way to go.
On the plus side I have been working on my website, teaching myself Dreamweaver. Evidently I am not a real good teacher.  I have the layout done, and some of the pages done. I have a page for each of the 18 quilts I want to show with a short story about the inspiration behind each one but I need to do the gallery page to link all the other pages and I am having trouble lining everything up. I know it shouldn't be so hard to do so I bought a new instruction book today and I will be studying again.
And today we got my mother to get out of bed and did a major clean of her room. She even ate dinner with me, homemade fresh tomato soup from the garden. I canned 9 pints of tomato juice today and had enough left over for soup.
Above is a piece I did for myself called Book of Hours. It has rust stains, bronze metallic embroidery thread, and beading coated with thick gel medium.