Saturday, April 21, 2012

Under the Needle

I have been busy working on the collateral (a fancy advertising word for poster, postcard, flyer and catalog) for Artist as Quiltmaker XV that will open May 19 in Oberlin, Ohio. It should be a good show, pretty diverse, with lots of techniques, some old, some new. I know the works from the catalog but it will be great to see everything in person. This is one of the few shows that has an object jury and things can be rejected after the initial acceptance. Not a pleasant thing for the curator to deal with, writing sorry letters isn't easy. I did survive the object jury, so I am in! And a some local people made it, Marty Young, Helen Murrell, Barb Lind and Kathleen Van Meter.

In the mean time I have been piecing a large piece based on my quilt One Windy Day. I rescanned the photo and enlarged it to what I thought was life sized but turned out to be a seven foot tall woman hanging laundry. Cool, I can roll with that. Now that the background is pieced and she is attached I have backing, batting and top ready to stitch. The machine is threaded and ready.

The studio assistant has picked a toy to play with but she usually just hides in the bathroom. All you see is a black rear end sticking out behind the toilet. Then when she knows you are watching her, a set of little ears pokes up over the lid. Funny!

Oh yes, if you were to drown in the bathtub you would be on your own, but if the phone rings she comes in to let you know. She's probably figuring I should answer it so the ringing will stop bothering her. Or maybe she thinks someone is calling her for a play day, she has many friends in the neighborhood who leave her pee-mail so why wouldn't they call?

On the good side, quilts have been sent to Ohio Designer Craftsman and Artist as Quiltmaker and another will go to the Ross Museum in Delaware, Ohio for the QSDS show.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When trees go bad

When I bought this house the backyard needed lots of work. It has a huge oak, a huge pine, a lesser pine, a hawthorn and a maple tree. The lesser pine had half of it's branches missing and it was leaning towards the neighbors fence. He feared for his fence and wondered how good my insurance was. So did I. The big pine was infested with red spiders. It was not a pretty tree anymore, it was growing into the oak and every time the wind blew it graced me with branches and needles. The neighbor had to clean his pool of needles. It didn't make him happy.

Enter Town and Country Tree Service.

Exit the tree, they cut it into 3 pieces, cabled it and craned it over my house.

Bye, bye trees. They came at 8am and were gone at 11:45am. Branches cleaned up, the maple trimmed, everything ground up and gone. The neighbor across the street was upset because her mother planted the pine. Now it is heaven with her mother. Sorry.