Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Studio

My mother told me to make one of the extra bedrooms my studio years ago. It was a precious gift of acknowledgement of my passion for art. My mother dismissed a lot of things as so much fluff so this was a huge deal. Now my studio is my whole house, I surround myself with art, books and creativity dvds. My sewing studio is 9 foot by 8 foot. Just proves it doesn't have to huge, in fact I think small and manageable is a good thing.
8 x 9 with 2 sewing machines, a Bernina and my Sweet Sixteen, nothing like a big harp! 
Convenient shelves for storage of accessories, supplies and iron
In my library is a shelving unit for fabric and a set of drawers for small extras
Most important of all is a good design wall.
2 sheets of inch thick stryofoam insulation board.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Next

My brother Mickey, taken when I was in Cooper School of Art. I took a lot of photos, well relatively, I couldn't afford a lot of film so I was pretty careful it was things I could use for school projects. I had a darkroom and could develop film and print photos fairly large. I still have the darkroom enlarger and equipment stored at my brothers barn. I have lots of developed negatives but purchasing photo paper and chemicals might be a problem.
 I shall start putting this together and figure out what kind of hand stitching I might do. I was thinking pretty minimal but that's a beginning idea since I really like the hand stuff. The yard is cleared of leaves and debris, the vegetable plot is cleaned up and I even hung Christmas lights up. I won't turn them on until December, I don't need to support the electric company that much. I signed up for a home energy audit. It takes 3 to 4 hours and they tell you how much insulation and where you need it. And you get discounts on the insulation. I'm all for cheaper energy bills. When I was a kid the electric company put a "demand" meter on our house. When we went over a certain wattage the company would up the rate. My dad investigated as to what was up with the extra meter and found out. From then on when my mother would dry clothes, iron, bake or whatever one of us kids were stationed at the meter, if it went over the "limit" we would have to run and report it. We soon had a gas stove, furnace, dryer and water heater. And the demand meter was removed. Remember back in the day when you had rubbish burners? Just stuff the thing full of combustible and press the button, up in smoke!

Friday, November 9, 2012

One More Done!

This got finished during the Rain of Sandy or the Reign of Sandy. We had high winds and lots of rain. Electric was out for a few hours during the night. Nothing like the east coast though. Lots of leaves and branches and a leaky window in the basement. I had one portfolio of paper that got wet but is now dried and the window is re-caulked.

I have all my flower and vegetable beds cleaned up and daffodils planted for next spring. Maybe this year I will get Christmas lights up. I hung a string of twinkle lights on my basement ceiling, maybe it will encourage creative thinking.

I have ordered more fabric from Spoonflower so next week a new piece will be started. I am loving the kantha stitching on these pieces. It adds a new dimension.

As my brothers say "We don't worry about you, we know you are always up to something!"