Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Studio

My mother told me to make one of the extra bedrooms my studio years ago. It was a precious gift of acknowledgement of my passion for art. My mother dismissed a lot of things as so much fluff so this was a huge deal. Now my studio is my whole house, I surround myself with art, books and creativity dvds. My sewing studio is 9 foot by 8 foot. Just proves it doesn't have to huge, in fact I think small and manageable is a good thing.
8 x 9 with 2 sewing machines, a Bernina and my Sweet Sixteen, nothing like a big harp! 
Convenient shelves for storage of accessories, supplies and iron
In my library is a shelving unit for fabric and a set of drawers for small extras
Most important of all is a good design wall.
2 sheets of inch thick stryofoam insulation board.

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  1. WOW this looks like a dream studio...everything is in order and ready to go. Our mothers knew us better than we realize. Take care dear friend. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart