Monday, December 31, 2012

Kicking into 2013

If you wore a fur coat all the time you might want to go out and cool off too!

Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Another one down. I think this is done. It may a candidate for Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2013 competition.
Now I am thinking to go back and do some more kantha stitching pieces for something to keep me busy while I contemplate the next piece.
In the meantime, family happenings on Sunday, cookies are baked but potato salad to make and beans to be baked and a little cleaning, later.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Girl and Her Toys

You are known by the company you keep. . . or don't push MY button! Just don't!!!

But I did make it into the Nativity set. Guarding the baby Jesus.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Studio

My mother told me to make one of the extra bedrooms my studio years ago. It was a precious gift of acknowledgement of my passion for art. My mother dismissed a lot of things as so much fluff so this was a huge deal. Now my studio is my whole house, I surround myself with art, books and creativity dvds. My sewing studio is 9 foot by 8 foot. Just proves it doesn't have to huge, in fact I think small and manageable is a good thing.
8 x 9 with 2 sewing machines, a Bernina and my Sweet Sixteen, nothing like a big harp! 
Convenient shelves for storage of accessories, supplies and iron
In my library is a shelving unit for fabric and a set of drawers for small extras
Most important of all is a good design wall.
2 sheets of inch thick stryofoam insulation board.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Next

My brother Mickey, taken when I was in Cooper School of Art. I took a lot of photos, well relatively, I couldn't afford a lot of film so I was pretty careful it was things I could use for school projects. I had a darkroom and could develop film and print photos fairly large. I still have the darkroom enlarger and equipment stored at my brothers barn. I have lots of developed negatives but purchasing photo paper and chemicals might be a problem.
 I shall start putting this together and figure out what kind of hand stitching I might do. I was thinking pretty minimal but that's a beginning idea since I really like the hand stuff. The yard is cleared of leaves and debris, the vegetable plot is cleaned up and I even hung Christmas lights up. I won't turn them on until December, I don't need to support the electric company that much. I signed up for a home energy audit. It takes 3 to 4 hours and they tell you how much insulation and where you need it. And you get discounts on the insulation. I'm all for cheaper energy bills. When I was a kid the electric company put a "demand" meter on our house. When we went over a certain wattage the company would up the rate. My dad investigated as to what was up with the extra meter and found out. From then on when my mother would dry clothes, iron, bake or whatever one of us kids were stationed at the meter, if it went over the "limit" we would have to run and report it. We soon had a gas stove, furnace, dryer and water heater. And the demand meter was removed. Remember back in the day when you had rubbish burners? Just stuff the thing full of combustible and press the button, up in smoke!

Friday, November 9, 2012

One More Done!

This got finished during the Rain of Sandy or the Reign of Sandy. We had high winds and lots of rain. Electric was out for a few hours during the night. Nothing like the east coast though. Lots of leaves and branches and a leaky window in the basement. I had one portfolio of paper that got wet but is now dried and the window is re-caulked.

I have all my flower and vegetable beds cleaned up and daffodils planted for next spring. Maybe this year I will get Christmas lights up. I hung a string of twinkle lights on my basement ceiling, maybe it will encourage creative thinking.

I have ordered more fabric from Spoonflower so next week a new piece will be started. I am loving the kantha stitching on these pieces. It adds a new dimension.

As my brothers say "We don't worry about you, we know you are always up to something!"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting for the Frankenstorm

Yeah, right. Weathermen have been warning to stock up on batteries and candles so I had better hurry and post this. Actually stores in Cleveland have sold out of generators because people from PA and NY have come here to buy generators because their stores were sold out.

I say don't get milk and bread, get beer and cigarettes, those are things that will be worth more after this armageddon of a storm hits. Lets hope it blows all the political stuff off TV.

Ahem, in the meantime. a little hand work will suffice. This has the working title of Men of Clay. It is a photo of a photo in the Zanesville Museum. They have a wonderful pottery collection. Mostly Ohio based pottery from the Zanesville area.

I have to finish the upper left with Kantha stitching and the bottom right will get some more fill in stitching and then binding.

Today the studio assistant and I went and turned the barn assistant into the arena to stretch her legs. Thursday was so beautiful in the 80s that she spent the afternoon nibbling grass and rolling in the mud. Ah, the simple life!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Little Word


In an email from Quilt National!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

I'm not sure we can post photos, it's such a touchy thing, you feel you almost have to work under the cover of darkness to make pieces to enter. I work late at night anyway, but still. I have shown the quilt to a few friends and showed it David Hornung the master class teacher at QSDS last year. As soon as I know it's OK I will post photos. It is the first quilt I made using my Sweet Sixteen machine from HandiQuilter.

This has been a busy week, Textile Art Alliance has India Flint in from Australia, holding 3 workshops which are full, Wed Oct. 10 she will give a talk at Cleveland Museum of Art at 7pm. All are welcome. Then I will be attending the Art Quilt Network retreat. October 21 is Textile Art Alliance's Wearable Art Fashion Show and Boutique at Landerhaven. Early shopping and lunch tickets are sold out but the general public can shop from 1 to 5pm for a $5 fee. This is our 9th show so we have it down pretty good, lots of one of a kind clothing. Some fashions are over the top and some quite affordable.

Not to leave you hanging, ok, bad joke. Here is a quilt that did NOT get in Quilt National. Titled Monday, it is from a photo I bought at a flea market. It intrigues me that someone took a picture of their mother hanging out wash.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Whole Lotta Hand Stitchin'

The current project, which is requiring hand stitching in the background. From a photo at Zanesville Art Museum. They have a large display of pottery, Zanesville is well known for Weller, Rookwood, Roseville, McCoy, etc.

Ohio residents may want to check into the museum they are sponsoring a quilt exhibit for next year to coincide with Quilt National, entries are due Dec. 15th.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paper Hanging

You can always tell when I get bored. Something gets changed.
 I have been doing some collaging in the basement studio and  the paper pile was starting to stare at me.
There have been 3 major influences in my late art career. Fran Skiles, Ned Wert, Dorothy Caldwell. I owe each of them a big thanks. Fran for showing me the way, Ned for encouraging me to follow my heart and Dorothy for giving me courage to go big.

I painted a lot of paper and collaged for a while but it fell to the wayside and I moved a big pile of paper last October. It has been staring at me. So I got the idea to hang it from the rafters
with skirt hangers.
Cool! And maybe I will use it now. Here is a sample from after Ned's class, and a sample of the tags I have been making.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Treats

This is the summer dish my mother called Summer Slungullion. It was hamburger, macaroni, corn, tomatoes, onions and peppers, all slung together. Mostly leftovers to feed 8 people. I threw some parmesan cheese and worcestershire sauce in it. Now that I think of it there never was a Winter Slungullion.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Green Room

Yep, the living room is definitely green! Humorous Green by Sherwin Williams. The studio assistant spent a couple of days playing on the couch because the sections were turned against each other. For once she didn't lay against a painted wall. I promised I would give her a bath to get the paint off.

Here's Mom walking out the door.
 Green was not her favorite color. She was a blue girl. As am I, but I am loving the cheerful green that sets off the art. Right now I am finishing 2 newsletters and working on the agenda for my first board meeting as the new president of TAA.
But there is time for art! I finished a piece to enter in AQN's Without a Word show. The Sonic Youth Orchestra. This is a section of a photo I purchased at a local flea market.

And here is a fun bowl called "A Lake, a Bowl for Dorothy Caldwell". I did a paint treatment on white cloth. The rim is printed fabric from my computer with some hand stitching.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A can of paint (or two)

My front door before paint
With primer, hmmm, makes the beige living room look greenish

Ahh, laughing orange with my mom ready to walk out the door.
Sewing before
and after
And my dining room with my first quilt Crow Princess Tea Party. Funny how the light affects the paint, this is much "oranger" in person. Makes the art pop off the wall though. The boxes are my box pieces where I cut through the box and insert a fancy doll house window and then decorate the inside. Kind of cool now that they are on the wall you can really look at and through them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Doldroms

I think I have become lazy, but it's probably just a cooling off period after being very productive. I read other blogs where people work "9 to 5 with a small break for tea, a very small sandwich and a walk in the nearby woods". It's not happening here, trust me. But there is a break for a stall cleaning and lunch. There is usually a small nap in there also.
But I have made a small piece. I was brought up with something on top of bare wood table tops, my mother always had small crochet pieces her mother made but they are worn and stained now. Here is my answer for my night stand.

Then there are the beige walls that are starting to bug me.

Beige, beige, beige! The whole house! Walls, and floors.
And here is the answer. Paint! I have two colors after looking at the walls for a few months. Laughing Orange (the dining area and sewing room, 1 wall each) and Humorous Green, 2 walls in the living room.
This is approximately the green. Its Sherwin Williams. First I have to prime with gray then the paint. When it is a strong bright color you need to prime for a smooth outcome. Double work but probably worth it. The living room seems a little dim due to the deep porch out front.
I will take pictures to document it. I did get the camera back together though I did lose one screw, of course, they are tiny little suckers.

And the studio assistant has been suffering from summer itch.
A combo of the hot weather and grass and weed pollen.
Here she is post bath.

Since it has been in the 90 to 100°F range we had quit the walks but Sunday night she was ready and went all the way around the block without a leash. She kept looking back to see if I was keeping up with her.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I dropped my trusty little canon camera, the top has sprung apart, it barely works. I would have to find my other camera and batteries to show you. . . it may be quicker to find a tiny screw driver, take it apart and fix it. Wish me luck, or else. . .

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime is blooming

Small but great for June 13!
2 small tomatoes and a couple of grape tomatoes are showing up.

I am back from my master class at QSDS, survived a head cold and am on the mend.

The studio assistant survived doggie prison. It's a twenty minute ride home from the kennel and she cried all the way. Ran in the house, stood and sniffed the air and ran in the bedroom to check things out.

If I leave she gets on the couch and looks out the
front window, but things are settling down.
Here she is guarding some potted plants. Trips to the garden center are as dangerous as going to JoAnn's. But the front of my house looks great and will look even better when things grow a bit more.

Back to sewing!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yesterday was the bus trip to Zanesville, Delaware and the JCC in Columbus. Beautiful day for it and always better when someone else has to drive to Zanesville. It's a beautiful winding hilly route to Zanesville, you get to see where your food comes from as some of it is farm country.
Here I am in Delaware, well not me but my piece Mairsy Doats. Mairsy doats and dozey doats and dads are topsy turvy. It is my dad times 3. When he was happy he used to sing Mairsy doats. The funny thing is I put this together before I found my new house, when I was hanging art it fit perfectly over the fireplace with a half inch to spare. I miss seeing it there but it will be back.
Things are going well here I am taking a master class with David Hornung. My piece changed within the first three hours. But I knew it wasn't working and was ready to make it work. I am not going to show it, because, well, it isn't finished and I may want to enter it in some exclusive show.
The fun part is being with 22 like minded people. But the sense of individuality is still there. And the working space is a telling thing. Some are messy, some neat. Some heaps of fabric, others minimalistic. Mine goes both ways because I love to straighten things.
Sometimes opposites attract.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's Up?

Packing for QSDS. Working on the 2013 QSDS brochure. AND!!!! I am teaching at QSDS in 2013, that is if enough people sign up for a 2 day transfer class. We will do a day of the different ways to transfer images to cloth and the second we will make collages with our transfers. I promise it will be fun.
This year I am taking a Master Class with David Hornung. I have my old quilt with a large photo of my black and white pinto Spatagus. He came with the name. No way I could have made that up!
We had the gallery opening of Artist as Quiltmaker 2 weeks ago. Great show if I do say so myself! Here is the catalog cover. When I finish the TAA newsletter I will be Graphic-Design-free for awhile. Not that I mind but it has been a long stretch of projects. Today just for good measure I worked at church and since our church newsletter was printed I addressed 1900 of them so they can be sent out Tuesday. Project Upon This Rock done for this quarter.
Now off to play with my peeps for a week, or so.
The poor studio assistant has gone to doggie prison for my vacation. She was all glad to walk back to her room and and sniff the cookies they left on her bed. Oh yes, she was all happy until I walked out and closed the door. It was like sending your only child off to summer camp. I'll b back for you darling, I'll be back!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

TAA Auction

Textile Art Alliance held it's annual members luncheon yesterday at Landerhaven.  Since we are an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art a lot of what we do is fund raising. We also promote fiber through education and lectures. We hold a Wearable Art Fashion Show and Boutique yearly, in October, that is our main fundraiser, also at Landerhaven. Since we are linked to the textile department at the museum they have given us their de-accessioned textiles from the education department that we auction at the luncheon. We also get donations from members.
This was an auction item yesterday. It is an old quilt that a member purchase to use as part of an education segment of the Gees Bend quilt exhibit at the museum. Some of the Gees Bend ladies demonstrated quilting on it and museum visitors were invited to take some stitches. Now it is mine. I have a plan. We'll what develops.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road Trip

Sunday JoAnn Giordano and I traveled down to the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio. Our destination? The opening of Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2012.
Loads of people, a lot of whom I knew and some people who I knew of and now know personally. A great time, worth the 2 hour drive.

Dad and Dogs. The dogs are Suzy and Teddy. When I was a kid we raised collies. My dad was stationed in California before he shipped off to New Zealand for service in World War II. My mother spent time in CA with him. When he shipped out she returned to Ohio with Suzy and my oldest brother Bill. My brother Bob was traveling incognito, he made an appearance 8 months later. My mother had her hands full except that Suzy took charge of Bill, being a true collie she herded him constantly. No, he never fell down a well! When he went to first grade Suzy would not let him board the bus. My mother had to hold her so he could leave.
My dad told us she was related to Lassie. I found the AKC book where her papers were transferred to my dad and she was not related to Lassie. But she acted the part very well!

Joann's piece, little nature forms and seeds pods she has made. Very interesting. She does some great shibori work also. She has taught at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Under the Needle

I have been busy working on the collateral (a fancy advertising word for poster, postcard, flyer and catalog) for Artist as Quiltmaker XV that will open May 19 in Oberlin, Ohio. It should be a good show, pretty diverse, with lots of techniques, some old, some new. I know the works from the catalog but it will be great to see everything in person. This is one of the few shows that has an object jury and things can be rejected after the initial acceptance. Not a pleasant thing for the curator to deal with, writing sorry letters isn't easy. I did survive the object jury, so I am in! And a some local people made it, Marty Young, Helen Murrell, Barb Lind and Kathleen Van Meter.

In the mean time I have been piecing a large piece based on my quilt One Windy Day. I rescanned the photo and enlarged it to what I thought was life sized but turned out to be a seven foot tall woman hanging laundry. Cool, I can roll with that. Now that the background is pieced and she is attached I have backing, batting and top ready to stitch. The machine is threaded and ready.

The studio assistant has picked a toy to play with but she usually just hides in the bathroom. All you see is a black rear end sticking out behind the toilet. Then when she knows you are watching her, a set of little ears pokes up over the lid. Funny!

Oh yes, if you were to drown in the bathtub you would be on your own, but if the phone rings she comes in to let you know. She's probably figuring I should answer it so the ringing will stop bothering her. Or maybe she thinks someone is calling her for a play day, she has many friends in the neighborhood who leave her pee-mail so why wouldn't they call?

On the good side, quilts have been sent to Ohio Designer Craftsman and Artist as Quiltmaker and another will go to the Ross Museum in Delaware, Ohio for the QSDS show.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When trees go bad

When I bought this house the backyard needed lots of work. It has a huge oak, a huge pine, a lesser pine, a hawthorn and a maple tree. The lesser pine had half of it's branches missing and it was leaning towards the neighbors fence. He feared for his fence and wondered how good my insurance was. So did I. The big pine was infested with red spiders. It was not a pretty tree anymore, it was growing into the oak and every time the wind blew it graced me with branches and needles. The neighbor had to clean his pool of needles. It didn't make him happy.

Enter Town and Country Tree Service.

Exit the tree, they cut it into 3 pieces, cabled it and craned it over my house.

Bye, bye trees. They came at 8am and were gone at 11:45am. Branches cleaned up, the maple trimmed, everything ground up and gone. The neighbor across the street was upset because her mother planted the pine. Now it is heaven with her mother. Sorry.