Monday, August 20, 2012

The Green Room

Yep, the living room is definitely green! Humorous Green by Sherwin Williams. The studio assistant spent a couple of days playing on the couch because the sections were turned against each other. For once she didn't lay against a painted wall. I promised I would give her a bath to get the paint off.

Here's Mom walking out the door.
 Green was not her favorite color. She was a blue girl. As am I, but I am loving the cheerful green that sets off the art. Right now I am finishing 2 newsletters and working on the agenda for my first board meeting as the new president of TAA.
But there is time for art! I finished a piece to enter in AQN's Without a Word show. The Sonic Youth Orchestra. This is a section of a photo I purchased at a local flea market.

And here is a fun bowl called "A Lake, a Bowl for Dorothy Caldwell". I did a paint treatment on white cloth. The rim is printed fabric from my computer with some hand stitching.

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  1. Love these colors Mary Ann. What fun! and the lake bowl is so sweet.