Saturday, January 23, 2016

Did It Again!

Actually I didn't do it again but Quilting Arts printed it again. My article from 2007 Every Picture Tells a Story. Still reads good.  Feels good too.

I am finishing up the Focus: Fiber 2016 catalog. It is in Blurb's hands. The opening is February 12 at Kent State University Museum. Museum opens at 10am, we will meet at 3:30pm to review and head off for a dinner with the artists, hope the weather is decent, it is February in Northern Ohio.

In the meantime I have been stitching away at Barbara, lots of stitching, lots. I work until the thread breaks, the bobbin runs out or I want to switch colors. I went and bought some more grays, dark ones, for the body, that was after I bought a spool of Sulky rayon and liked the effect, well then I needed more rayon colors. Lots to go, but I am fascinated by the face and the way it is abstract in a way but really not. Sort of like a Chuck Close effect. Hmmm.