Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Just a sample of the thread selection going into 26 Tires. Since the size is 72" x 41" this will take a lot of thread, depending on how dense I stitch it. So far it is pretty dense especially the road which is little pebbles of circular stitches in a varigated gray thread. Thanks to Joann G for a gift certificate to Barnes Sewing Center , they have a huge selection of thread in different weights and colors. You can't have too much thread!

Here is a closeup of Ed and his bunnies.

Life is good, I am regaining strength. Bobby is going for walks and Skittles is getting her stall cleaned (by me). Thanks to Nancy and Julie for caring for her while I was laid up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bobby loves his mommy

He may stick his tongue out but he loves us all!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dog Pile

I guess this is a nice picture of a dog pile.

Two weeks ago Bobby investigated skunks, I don't think he  was sprayed directly but he did smell. He came running in the house and  went directly to the comforter in the spare bedroom. So he got a bath and the comforter had a trip to the laundermat. It now lives on the top shelf in the closet. Silly dog.

26 Tires has more stitching the rabbits are done and part of the truck. Not sure how the brown streaks appeared in this photo, it is a black and white print.