Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Year Adopt-a-versary

What can I ay? So glad this little guy is in my life.

Ok, back to work!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

then again, flowers

Forget the dots, Joe wants roses. . . and other flowers! I had a piece of flowered Hawaiian shirt fabric but I needed a bigger piece. Off to JoAnns, lots of fabric on sale, it looked like they were clearing an old warehouse but I did find a nice new black background floral that looks good. It gives a nice contrast with the rose fabric underneath Joe. I'm thinking it will be the binding also.
Now to figure out how to stitch this. New needle for sure since this fabric is "tender".

Bobby is loving the warmer weather. Still hates the camera. He has a new neighbor, Chewy the shitzu pup. He looks like an Ewok but they had a fun wrestling session. They both needed to tussle and wear themselves out. Good times!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

dots and dots and dots

I'm thinking dots and patterns behind Joe. Being an appaloosa he can handle dots and patterns. Lots of dots. This shall be an adventure but I needed to think of something new, something to push the envelope. I have played with transparency before by using thinner material and letting the underlying fabric show through but this time I invested in a print on chiffon.

Time will tell what comes about. This is Joe on the patio window. I put tracing paper over him and made a pattern. I am contemplating whether to make pattern pieces to go behind him or to just piece random dot patterns and let it fly but it would be fun to have flowers behind the print also. Time will tell, I don't think this will be boring.

Stitching continues on Kitchen Conversation which is about 3/4 done.

And in the backyard there was a Mexican standoff. The squirrels are in to teasing Bobby. If he figures out how to climb trees they are in serious trouble.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Patchwork. . .sometimes

Ok, thinking about it I have done patchwork though I would not brag on it, it's not my forte.

I took this photo of me and Max from back in the day and changed it into this. See below. In 2015 I went to Quilt Surface Design Symposium (QSDS) for a master class with Rosalie Dace with various graphic fabrics, an old ripped flag, several old pairs of jeans (Goodwill), a large print of the photo on fabric and my sewing machine. A week later American Dream was pieced together. I bought it home and quilted it on my Sweet Sixteen. It toured Ohio in 2016 as part of Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2016 show. It has a copy of Skittles AQHA registration and 2 plastic horses in the pockets.

The tail is made of silk sari strips. My thinking was that every American girl dreams of owning a horse some day. Dream accomplished!

Someone told me they thought I would get in trouble for repurposing the flag. Seems to be a good graphic element to me.