Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quilt National

My Quilt National entry!
And I won the QSDS award!
Lots of people, It's fun to know many artists and fun to get to know more.
We got to speak for 2 minutes on our quilts and I realized this is the second time my Dad has been the subject. Way to go Dad!
Tomorrow I will leave but stop at QSDS on the way.

Below is a small part of the QN opening crowd

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring 2013

Spring has sprung after teasing us for a month. Spring rains would be welcome! In a week it will be Memorial Day. And the opening of Quilt National. Someone told me your second or third QN is just as thrilling as the first. I think so.

The studio assistant had a vet appointment so she would be ready to spend some quality time at Camp Wellington. The vet explained the green bean diet where half her food was traded for green beans which are pretty calorie-less. I knew there was a reason to hate them. If you substituted half my food with green beans I would have a drastic weight loss and a lot of left over green beans. I figure the assistant will refuse to eat at Camp Wellington, run with the other dogs and come home rather svelte. No problem!

Here is a tease of my next piece, Our Lady of the Kitchen.

The next post may be from QN or QSDS. Enjoy!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Blind Date Show

 Last night was the opening of Blind Date the Third at Translations Gallery, 331 Cleveland St. NW in Canton, OH.
What a gathering of diverse artists and writers, from 14 states, no less.
Prints, paintings, photographs, assemblage, collage, art quilts.
One side of the gallery was selected art that the writers were assigned to write about. The other side of the gallery was art made about an assigned writing.
I was lucky to receive a piece of writing from Julie Winters. That inspired my piece Mom G. She is with me on the right above, below is her writing. Hopefully she does not mind that I am making this writing public. The show runs till May 30. Thanks Craig for the invitation to participate!

To Have and To Hold

Two full refrigerators and a freezer,
and cabinet shelves bowed with cans of food,
pinholes in pasta boxes from whatever bored out, or in,
jarred olives shriveling above their half-volume of brine.
Furniture and mementos
jam bedrooms long deserted;
old suits hang waiting to be worn
to a job retired from years ago. Then,
the worst one could say
was that the house was perhaps tacky,
but that was before
three bouts of cancer,
two arterial stents,
pinched nerves,
carpal tunnel syndrome,
urinary tract infections,
Medicine bottles stack and spread
over three rooms, and every room
hosts a chaotic mix
of bills,
insurance papers,
candy wrappers,
used paper plates,
bags of chips opened and forgotten,
whatever the dogs tracked in
along the permanent smudge
of dirt and oil from their coats.
His hands, once brown and strong,
are pale and unsure, and she
is long past tired.
The house is filled,
but there is want in every corner:
I want to mow the lawn again,
the hot grass smell rising around me;
I want to drive, to know where the road leads,
or to choose not to care.
I want to dance, sparkling,
feel you guide me, glide me around the room.

I want to be free.