Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet Suites

I have been working !!!
There are two things I like to do art-wise. Sew and paint. My mixed media textiles do that. 
I sew pieces of cotton duck together to create the base, add layers of gel medium and paint 
and then add the photo copies to the base. Then more glazes, paint sticks and whatever 
else will add to the story I want to tell.
But what if I left out the photo copies and accented the sewing?
Made them not just a painting but a textile. 
Mounted them on a stretcher but with some thread work? 
And made them small and affordable?
Called them Sweet Suites?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking about QSDS

Quilt Surface Design Symposium is my hot vacation spot every year. It has spurred my art quilt career in surprising ways and in directions I would have never thought to take. And it has brought many new friends. I treasure the friends the most.
This year I have signed up for a Master Class with Elizabeth Busch. Seven days to work on art. Period. Well the Wednesday trip to Quilt National and I will HAVE to make at least one run to Dick Blick's. But the rest should be all art making.
I thought with my layoff I would make a lot of art and I have been working on it a lot but I always have some excuse. Cleaning, errands, yardwork, time spent with my Mom. 
I think I have to start making some rules. Get up at eight, breakfast and make art until noon or something. And then hit again from 9:30 pm till 11:00. I am so used to the 9:30 till 11:00, when I was working it was the only chance I had.
The photo is from Ned Wert's wonderful collage class at QSDS.  

Monday, April 13, 2009

The First One!

Okay Gang, here goes the first post! 
Currently working on something different for me, a pieced quilt. Quite different from my usual patched duck that is painted and collaged. 
Since I am not working, I have been doing a lot of yard work and paperwork. And cleaning up all the messes that get piled in a cubby hole for later. Later is now!
And I have to finish a quilt that is due to be sent for display in Columbus for QSDS's Quilted Surface V. This is my 8 foot tall homage to my mother. It was quite a feat to photograph this one, it involved the garage, a ladder and nails.