Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking about QSDS

Quilt Surface Design Symposium is my hot vacation spot every year. It has spurred my art quilt career in surprising ways and in directions I would have never thought to take. And it has brought many new friends. I treasure the friends the most.
This year I have signed up for a Master Class with Elizabeth Busch. Seven days to work on art. Period. Well the Wednesday trip to Quilt National and I will HAVE to make at least one run to Dick Blick's. But the rest should be all art making.
I thought with my layoff I would make a lot of art and I have been working on it a lot but I always have some excuse. Cleaning, errands, yardwork, time spent with my Mom. 
I think I have to start making some rules. Get up at eight, breakfast and make art until noon or something. And then hit again from 9:30 pm till 11:00. I am so used to the 9:30 till 11:00, when I was working it was the only chance I had.
The photo is from Ned Wert's wonderful collage class at QSDS.  

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