Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Forget that previous plan

Well, yeah, just step over towards that painting table.
Let's see. . . TAA Fashion Show Database around 1000 names and addresses typed. QSDS Brochure formatted and off to printer. Mom now enrolled in Hospice. Dentist appointment for crown. Lawn mowing. Oh yeah, ART!!!!
Well I am getting back to art hopefully. I spent $39 at JoAnn's for supplies so I better!
And I did finish 2 pieces and will have 5 pieces in the Lakewood Ohio Art Festival in a couple of weeks.
Plus I got a mention in our local paper and The Columbus Dispatch for my piece in the Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2009 Show (Yay!) And the Quilted Surface VI opens this week in Columbus.
So the rest of this week, art. Of course there is garden and flower planting. that's an art too!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Creativity Jumps!

I had a good week. I figured out that when I go down to feed my fish,  (I have HUGE fish) I need to step 6 feet over to my paint area and do SOMETHING, which gives me a kick start. 
I have 3 Sweet Suites in the first stages of paint, painted up a bunch of tissue paper, put rod pockets on "For the Mother" quilt which needs to go to Columbus this week. I started the brochure for QSDS 2010 and started the database for the TAA Fashion Show and got the lawn mowed, house cleaned, supplies and groceries stocked and helped with my Mom who is having some issues with panic attacks.
Panic attacks in a 94 year person who never had them before is a scary thing. Mom is not sure what is going on and gets very confused. Plus the brain damage from the fall has affected her short term memory. The constant questions about the weather tomorrow can be draining. Everyone needs a break, aides and me.
For those who don't know, my 93 year old mother fell March 5 2008, at 5 in the morning and suffered a brain trauma, which resulted in a stroke that affected her left side. The day before the fall she was bowling 3 times a week and driving her big old Caddy to the bank, grocery, bowling and church. She lost all of her independence. She is at home now with 24/7 aides and enjoys being wheeled out to sit in the sunshine. 
Life got very interesting, to say the least. But in essence, my mother and I switched roles. She is now the daughter I never had.
Photo to the right, three Sweet Suites in the beginning stage of paint. Next is stitching and additions of paper or whatever else adds interest.