Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paper Hanging

You can always tell when I get bored. Something gets changed.
 I have been doing some collaging in the basement studio and  the paper pile was starting to stare at me.
There have been 3 major influences in my late art career. Fran Skiles, Ned Wert, Dorothy Caldwell. I owe each of them a big thanks. Fran for showing me the way, Ned for encouraging me to follow my heart and Dorothy for giving me courage to go big.

I painted a lot of paper and collaged for a while but it fell to the wayside and I moved a big pile of paper last October. It has been staring at me. So I got the idea to hang it from the rafters
with skirt hangers.
Cool! And maybe I will use it now. Here is a sample from after Ned's class, and a sample of the tags I have been making.