Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tucked In

You gotta wonder, what is he going to do when it  snows?

Out for a walk and then he runs for the bed and tucks into the blankets. When I brought him home from the Animal Protective League the first thing he did was look for a bedroom.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Under the Needle

Stitching has begun! I think this is going to be all black and white, the stitching is going in an abstract direction. It will look abstract when you are close to it.

Love the horses.

My old gal is enjoying life in the pasture with a mini donkey and a pony. She thinks the pony is her baby! I never bred her because I didn't want to raise and break babies. She was not the easiest horse to be around, she wasn't one to rush over to the door to see you, many times I had to pretend I was leaving so she would come and let me put on a halter so we could ride. Once she had a halter on she was fine, she just figured if you gave up she would enjoy her leisure. She loved to go to shows I think she would have loaded herself in the trailer. Now we are pals, especially since her eyesight is bad she comes to my voice, plus she knows I am good for treats. Old friends!

Bobby is not a fan of cold weather, he loves his walks but as soon as we are home he heads for the bed to burrow under the covers. And he loves lap time, wedges his little butt into the recliner beside me to snuggle.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Another One Done

26 Flat Tires is finished! This took quite a while, all summer, in fact. But that time includes a week in the hospital and weeks of recovery.

This is a photo a friend sent me of her dad who took a trip out west with 3 friends in a borrowed milk truck. They're were gone a month and along the way they had 26 flat tires. Good times!

Now I have another big one on the board. I thought I would not do another this big, 72" x 42" but I couldn't resist making this big. It's impressive with the big work horses. Waiting for the Pull is waiting for the stitching!

Just for size, excuse the bad hair day.

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Little Christmas Cheer

Every year the US Forestry Service puts up a Christmas display in Washington DC. Every state has a tree and 12 artists from each state are asked to contribute an ornament. This year I was delighted to be asked to contribute my art.

Yes, I have been known to do a little felting from time to time. Plus some beading! It was fun. Now I am considering buying ornaments and making some for my family. I couldn't find the ornaments at Pat Catans but you can find everything on Amazon.

Totally not what I was going to do at first but it came to me as I was going to sleep one night. All I had to do was buy some pony beads. US Forestry supplied the 5.5" plastic ornaments.

I have finished 26 Tires And just need to get a good photo of it. It's time to enter a few shows, Artist as Quiltmaker and Ohio +5 to name two good shows. Fingers crossed. And there is promise of a solo show at the Elyria Public Library next summer.

Thanks Ohio Craft Museum for asking me to do this.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Excuses, excuses

Please excuse the pause while I reconfigure life with a new computer! My old faithful laptop bit the dust with a loud thump! It was so old Apple no longer makes parts for it and when your motherboard goes, well, that's it.

I bought a new desktop version.

No DVD port so I had to buy a supplemental DVD player to reload all my graphic programs which are on CDs. Hopefully they will be useable. Lets say a quick prayer for my mainstay photoshop. And now for Indesign. I can't afford any of this with doctor bills coming in. I may have to start a go fund me account.


And the little man had to have emergency dental work, 15 teeth pulled. Yikes, poor guy. Luckily dogs have 42 teeth so he manages dinner and milk bones quite well.
Expensive little guy but I still love him.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Updated quilt blog

I have posted a few newly finished quilts on

Detail of Joe in the Garden of Eating