Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Happenings

The tree is up and so is the Nativity set plus some outdoor lights. Now I need to bake cookies.

I have been looking at dogs. I decided I don't need to spend a fortune on a companion as much as I would love to have a corgi again I'm not spending thousands on a dog that the breeder won't let you have breeding rights unless you give them another thousand. So I have been going to the pound, lots of pit bull types. Not my type! I am sure I will find something. Wish me and some dog needing a home some luck.

This is my brother Mickey. Probably a fourth grade photo, I painted the background on paper, added a paper copy of him, added more paint, photographed it and had it printed on fabric. I wasn't happy with the fabric reproduction I need to work on the photography end of it but I see possibilities for future work.

Four new posts at http://artquilttipple.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Blog

I have redone my website and added a new gallery section for the quilts I have been doing since 2011. I am having trouble with setting it up on the internet so I came up with the idea of a blog that is a gallery of work.


Each entry has a small explanation or story of the work.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

A New Look

I used to put together magazines for Meister Publishing, titles like, Agri-Consultant, Fruit Grower, Vegetable Grower etc. The owner would frequently decide to freshen the magazine with new graphics, fonts, etc. Exciting, fun times back in the day (1970s).

So it was time to freshen this old blog. I am sure there will be more tweaking. Enjoy!

Accordingly I have been thinking about my artwork. I have gone through lots of styles since I discovered Art Quilts in 2001. I have taken lots of classes at Quilt Surface Design Symposium (QSDS).

Fran Skiles' class was eye opening, I wanted to incorporate old photos and now I had a way. I loved painting the canvas backgrounds but after the paint they were too stiff to stitch and hard to control in the machine if I DID get them near the needle! The biggest quilt of this series was a 7' tall piece with 27 11 x 17" xeroxes, it was huge, I have seen hung twice, once on my garage and once in a show.

I discovered Spoonflower and have been able to get large prints and with the addition of a large sewing machine, the Sweet Sixteen, I have been working away at improving my stitching, adding color and content through the stitching.

But now I am ready to add more so I have thinking about the fun of painting again. This is my first stage of the first attempt. I printed out a photo of my brother Mickey and added him to a painted background and added more paint on the print. I plan to photograph this, do any tweaking in photoshop and have it printed at Spoonflower. Stitching will commence when it is returned.

Wish me luck! And stay tuned.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

more me quilts

I started this new girl and after many fabric choices the dots appeared. I noticed the transparency of the print fabric allowing the
underlaying fabric to appear and decided to make it a feature. A piece of small red dots and we have. . . tah, tah da dah!. . . Freckles!

I'm not sure it is a winner, but it's fun. I need to finish quilting the solid blue and the sweater.

A closeup of the stitching on the face. I am contemplating blue eyes but it maybe too much of a distraction. We'll see.

On other news fronts, poor Miss Skittles went out in the pasture and ate nettles. Her face and tongue swelled to alarming size. Usually horses don't eat toxic things but she must have got a mouth full before she realized it. She is on the mends but still swollen. Geesh!

Monday, October 3, 2016

And. . .

in my mind, it's all about the stitching!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Last Thing You Won't See at QN

Yep, despite popular demand, my pops won't be at QN.

I have been thinking about this and perhaps it is a good thing not to get in. As my mother declared the first time I was accepted "Your head will be so BIG!!!!"  And so I probably would have been all puffed up and thinking myself an "Art Goddess!"

I have calmed myself into thinking "I'm pretty damn good, but I can make better art." And so I will!
Personally I love the beaded tie. So my dad!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Ah yes, rejection sucks!

But lets remember that there is more than one show in the world and Rosie will see the light of day else where.

Sorry, Mrs. Crow, for your bad decision.

Am I bitter? No, just sad.