Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Joe in the Roses

I finished Joe in June but I have been busy with another piece and sending out a commission. Actually I just started a third piece!

With Quilt National, FiberArt International and Focus: Fiber deadlines looming I wanted to have a "body of work" to select entries from. Maybe 1 more? We'll see.

I am in love with this piece. I always liked the photo of Joe. He is so soft and innocent looking. Trust me, it was all an act. He was picky about his rider. He did teach me how to show. We got along at the end, I could ride him bareback with a halter, just go out in the pasture, lead him over to a fence and hop on. And he loved babies, there was a weanling we would take out in the pasture for a stroll. All was fine until the foal looked underneath him for a drink of milk. . . whoa, Dude!

I had this printed on chiffon and laid commercial fabrics underneath. I was going to go with graphic dots and checks but he wanted flowers. He was right, as always.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


A dirty word these days. I don't care, I love my country. I was born here. 
My grandparents came here through Ellis Island. They scrimped and saved on farms in Europe to come. 
It's my heritage. To be hard working. To worship the way I want. To speak my mind. To care for others. 
I wish this for others. There is a right way to do it. Follow the rules. Respect the rights of the people who have built this country. 
Those who came and those who were brought here against their wishes. They endured great hardships, worked hard and are part of the American story. 
Respect all our history and sacrifices. 
Come the legal way. 

Our Dads. 
Quilt National 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Well, the show is down. The librarians said they will miss it. They had a lot of comments, all good. People couldn't believe they were quilts. Mission accomplished. I wanted it to be educational as to what art can be. Don't get stuck on the materials.

Today I am cleaning the house, vacuuming, dusting, etc. I hate to dust so I put on some music for background noise, the classical station. I think they were playing Kitten on the Keys. Really. It didn't make a lot of sense musically. I am more a show tunes, rock and roll type of gal I guess. 

I did like to go the Cleveland Pops concerts when I was in junior and senior high. I loved Henry Mancini. I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world if we were related. Don''t tell Paul MacCartney he thought I was in love with him at the time. 

I was thinking about it and I realized what I loved about the orchestra was watching the musicians. They would be playing but sometimes talking to each other. If they had a rest in the music they would fidget a bit and make comments to their fellow players. Fascinating. I guess I was studying human relations way back then. Before I knew what human relations were about!

And on a final note, Happy Birthday to me. I am entering the seventieth decade! When I was in high school we thought anyone over 35 might as well be dead. Shows how stupid you are in high school!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


It seems like I should say finally! It has been in the mid nineties and now it has been 70 to 80 for a couple of days, cloudy with showers. The day lilies have popped out like crazy. Last fall they faded out because of the dryness, I cut them off, we got a spell of rain and warmer weather and they started to regrow, early spring they were up and got a good layer of snow on them. They are survivors. Gorgeous. Since my neighbor has a picket fence he can enjoy them also. For a short while anyway since he sold his house and is moving this month. We'll see what the new neighbors are like. I am very blessed to live in a good neighborhood, I have met most of my neighbors as I walk Bobby twice a day. He attracts people especially little children. He seems to like it. Just don't take him to the barn, evidently it smells bad in there. And don't point a camera at him. He will turn his back end to you.

Work continues on I have printed 2 more pieces on chiffon. Here is the first one of my mother, Bea. Choosing background fabric right now. This is a contender.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

It's a Show!!!

Elyria Public Library
West River Branch

Hangs across from the children's section.

It's not a huge show, I have more pieces in the spare room at home but I am happy to get people noticing what can be done with fabric and thread.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Too hot for words!

It's 90°F and headed up from there! You only need to partially cover up.

Yesterday Bobby and Chewy the neighbor's shitzu pup had a fun time wrestling in the grass but they had to take breaks to cool down. They laid next to each other until one of them caught the other one's eye and they were back at it. Bobby is gentle with him even though they are evenly matched, for now.

I am in the process of picking quilts for my show at the Elyria Public Library West River branch. I plan to hang it Thursday so I need to print labels and a statement of my process. I hope it is a learning experience for library patrons.

I also hope some of the local JoAnn workers come and see it. Especially the clerk who asked what I was making with my fabric purchase. I told her I was making an Art Quilt and she said "I love art quilts, what size bed are you making it for?" Enough said.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Solo Show

Need I say more?! I am in the middle of selecting work. Waiting for the Call will be the centerpiece since it is about Lorain County. Looking forward to seeing everything hung together.