Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Ah yes, rejection sucks!

But lets remember that there is more than one show in the world and Rosie will see the light of day else where.

Sorry, Mrs. Crow, for your bad decision.

Am I bitter? No, just sad.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Things Not in Quilt National

Nope Barbara was rejected. Sad because I think this is the best thing I have ever done.
But being who the main juror was (the other 2 are people under her strong influence) and knowing she has a bias towards geometric pieced pieces I am not surprised.

I will be exhibiting pieces in a local show at Tri-C Community College West in  February and now I have 3 really strong pieces to show. Quilt National's loss.

I will put the other pieces up in the next week or two. I am not sure I will even drive to Athens to see the show, why waste gas?

Or as we say in Cleveland about the Browns, there's always next year!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Better Dads

 A detail of the quilting on the face


since I have morning light. . .

the back in detail


I am so blessed to be retired, pretty healthy and have a passion to indulge in. How lucky can a girl be?!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Business Dad

I started a new piece and finished it in good time, easy since it is 23" wide by 30" high.

I have the same photo printed with my dad facing the other way (flipped). I experimented with doing the face stitching in small circles in white. At first it didn't show much but the more I added, the more it added texture. I did the background in echo stitching in yellow and blue, the blue matching the eye color. the coat is done in dark red and blue plaid.

I need to do a close up photos for the details. I haven't decided on the binding yet. I am leaving that till I finish the companion piece.

And since I am always asked to see the backs, which are sometimes as cool as the front, I added some colored patches for interest. Hmmmm.
I definitely like the back of this. The hair turned out way cool.

Little Miss Me is also finished, I forgot to take a photo of it since I was anxious to start this.

And then this new girl showed up in the mail. Goodness! She's twice the size of my dad! This should be fun. I was 8 years old at the time. And I remember this as my favorite sweater of all time. Navy blue with a red stripe and the white was genuine angora! Yum!

Yeah, can't wait to start this one! I'm always wanting to see where it will finish. I have no ideas yet, maybe some old patchwork pieces? Just not sure.

Commenting is free!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jobs You Never Heard Of

Jobs like "I pack art for the museum!" who knew? There are lots of jobs at museums and I presume they are not high paid positions, but you would be in the museum: group liaisons, art packers, docents (very much unpaid), maids, clerks in the gift shop, etc. Just in case you want to work in a museum but not spend years and years studying for your doctorate of art.

Tuesday Andy Rock stopped at my house to pick up piece for an exhibit at the Ohio Decorative Arts Center. Glad to be included in the show and happy not to have to ship it!

If you are in southeastern Ohio in the next few months, stop and see the show!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olympic Fever

It's been Olympic Fever season here. I love watching the gymnastic competition. When I was in high school, gymnastics was just starting to show up in the gym replacing archery and dodge ball. I think I was a junior, in my last year of compulsive gym when the school bought a high beam and a set of uneven parallel bars. I could walk the beam if it wasn't high off the floor but the day I was told to just hang off the high bar and don't worry we'll catch you if you fall was the end of my gymnastic career! I told the gym teacher don't worry you won't have to catch me, I'm not going up there! And I never did. I used to think I was shy and retiring when I was younger, reflecting on this story I guess I wasn't!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Self Portrait

I was asked about doing a self portrait and I found it an interesting idea. I had done a self portrait in 2013 when I was still doing xerox copies on painted canvas. I was experimenting with deconstructing and piecing things back together, my attempt at humor in the uptight quilt world. It was piece entitled In the Fourth Grade the Artist Discovered Picasso. It was in a QSDS show held at the prestigious Riffe Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Every once in a while PBS runs a half hour show of Tracy Rieger and Linda Fowler explaining the art and there I am in the background. It still makes me laugh and now it hangs in my hallway, I'm still laughing, it was a clever idea and it worked!

Now this new girl has appeared on my design wall. She's quite a bit younger maybe four or five years old. I'm sure my mother carefully wrapped my hair in rags and combed out curls in the morning, a perfect Shirley Temple "do". I was missing a front tooth which the photographer retouched. My mother had great hopes of turning me into a girly girl. Alas she also provided me with five brothers, I was seated right in the middle of all their maleness. I like to wear dresses but I am just as comfortable (Ok, maybe a little bit more so) in a t-shirt and jeans. Of course growing up in the late sixties bell bottoms, poor boy tops and sneakers were all the rage. We took the culture away from suits and dresses into casualness. I'm not sure it was all good, but I don't think I want to wear a girdle, hat with matching bag, gloves and high heels either.

Maybe I am being contemplative because my 50th high school reunion is this summer. Hard to think about when we were the generation who thought you died when you turned thirty five. The joke is on us!