Thursday, April 24, 2014

Working Title: Elizabeth

I'm not sure if this was Elizabeth (my grandmother) or her one of her sisters Kitty or Mary. Hard to tell without a smile to see their teeth. Anyway it is a very sweet photo. I love the lace on the dress. It is the most fun to stitch. I haven't ventured onto the face yet. The background should be fun to work on.

Entries for Focus: Fiber 2014 continue to trickle in. Final day May 7.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Focus: Fiber 2014

We have extended the deadline for Focus: Fiber to May 7, 2014. See for prospectus. No size limit, any art that is made of fiber is eligible; weaving, knitting, baskets, quilts, tapestry, etc. If it's good we want it. The venue is Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA show opens September 26 and runs through January 2015. Textile Art Alliance is an affiliate group of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Over $2000 in prize money.

Monday, April 14, 2014


The Last Supper has been put aside for some contemplation. It maybe my QSDS piece since I will have a week of uninterrupted time.
This has appeared on my design wall. Time will tell, I am a bit distracted by warm weather. I rototilled the garden but planting is a ways off. We are expecting snow tomorrow!!! The yard has been raked and I began to pull rotted boards off my deck. There will be several trips to Home Depot for paving stone to replace the boards. Knowing there is a big hole under part of the deck means bags of dirt, sand, pavers and fill sand. Also needed are a table and umbrella and a bird bath. I can't wait for summer. It seems like it was a long, cold winter. I am so thankful for retirement, I don't think I have stayed home for days on end before. Surprising how little money you spend when you stay home. I should do it more often!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Something deconstructed

I bought this piece last summer at QSDS from St Theresa's Textile Trove. It's one of those things that is so ugly that only a mother could love it. But somehow it called to me and has sat percolating in the back of my mind until 2 weeks ago when it started yelling look at me, look at me! Then the ideas started to flow.
So after some contemplation the background became a batik that will be embellished with sequins and stars. The floor is a workmanlike denim. The food will be fast food. Since I plan to title this 21st Century Last Supper and Jesus was a working man (carpenter by trade and the apostles fisherman and such) if they lived now and gathered they would be munching hamburgers, fries and pepsi's. The message would be the same though.