Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter, Workshops and Work

Yep, still winter. You can't hurry it along. Or as my mother would say, you are just wishing your life away. So sit back and enjoy the snow flakes.

Or, maybe a workshop at an undisclosed but fabulous location. Great friends and a very good teacher who taught us jello printing. Much fun was had and it is something I will try again. Who knew fluorescent inks would blend and make wonderful bright colors.
The following is a sample printed on black fabric with a over print on organza. when the weather breaks I will order some inks to play with but for now I am afraid they would freeze before delivery.

And I have been working on my own art! This is me as a sophomore and senior in high school. In the stage of deconstruction. More deconstruct- and reconstruction to follow.

Now off to take care of the injured Miss Skittles. She skewered her face on a bolt sticking up from her stall. Many stitches and shots of tranquilizer later it is very sad looking and too gruesome to post a photo. I am sure she will heal to her beautiful horsey self.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years News

To start the New Year I updated my website, adding a new gallery and prices to most of the quilts. If you haven't visited the site is come and spend some time. Some of the new pieces are up for consideration for shows so I am holding off on prices until I have news on them.

My painting is done for now. I am tackling the basement next, my brother Mick said it needs a D&C, dusting and cleaning.

There will be a trip to the recycling center. I hear they even take unwanted old encyclopedias and Readers Digests Condensed books, I have plenty of those, and cans of paint. Since we resided the house with vinyl siding the old paint can go. Except for touch up since we need to scrape and paint the windows but it looks so crisp and clean now. My parents would never go for the vinyl siding but the wood siding was not holding the paint, so vinyl it is and thanks to my brother Jim and Mick, nephews Jeff and Kris it looks great. (and thanks to the rest of the crew, also).

This week is new project week. I am making my ATCs for QSDS ATC group and then I will start on a self deconstruction piece with sophomore and senior photos of myself. It should be fun. Photos to follow. But here is a teaser, me as a sophomore in high school, how innocent I looked. And I was!