Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stitch Sketches

I'm not sure what to call these. Little stitch sketches, I think. Ginny Smith ginnysmithart.com
started us doing people in stitch on a piece of cloth at our last AQN retreat.

They are kind of fun and a little addictive. Thanks Ginny.

By the way Ginny does wonderful bird quilts and was in Quilt National a few years ago. She was in our QSDS master class. She has a whimsical approach with a hidden dark streak that pops out unexpectedly. Fun!

Hopalong and the Kid Sister is complete. Now I need to think about Quilt National pieces. Which means working under the cloak of secrecy.

The things they make us do! And we do them!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Being that it is Fathers Day, here is a photo of my dad as a young adult. I'd say it is the perfect dad photo, he's young with his whole life ahead of him. My dad did not have an easy life, he was in high school during the depression and once he told of us using cardboard in his shoes to mend a hole in the sole. When it rained you had to get new cardboard. No new shoes in sight. When my dad was very young his dad was in WWI, so I don't think he knew his dad very well. When he was seven his dad left. My dad never saw him again. A single mom was not real common in that day and age.

My dad survived, married my mom and raised six kids.
Because he was a hard worker, a good salesman (he won my mom over despite her friends objections) and a creative engineer of the basic sort, he always had a good job . He ran tool manufacturing companies.
He raised us to be responsible hard workers and dog lovers.
He died 20 years before my mother. After my mothers funeral the funeral director came up to me and informed me that my dad's headstone had been on my mothers plot for 20 years. I think the director was afraid I would be upset. No, it was typical of my dad to keep my mother's space warm, I assured him.
Oh yes, my dad had a great sense of humor! Which I assume he passed on to us also. Well, I think I got it and probably my independent and creative ways too.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


This all happened in a Master Class at Quilt Surface Design Symposium. Rosalie Dace from South Africa was the teacher. There were only 8 students so we really got to know each other, the creative process was certainly free flowing and the freedom to work without worrying about the lawn, garden, meals or cleanup was wonderful. I have two strong pieces to work on in the next month.

Stage one the photo

Stage two the background

Stage three more background.
I originally thought I would do the words Draw! Shoot! Bang! as moveable parts that I would attach as embroidered pillows that could be added and subtracted but I thought it might be gimmicky. There was a lot of changes and additions of jeans, patches, old quilt parts, etc.
Here is the top on my design board at home. Everything is ready to be quilted which I can't wait to start! The words will be ironed down I have them backed with fusible web. Let the stitching commence!

Next time I will show a very different piece that I can't wait to work on.