Monday, March 25, 2019

Annie Hall Meets Aunt Kitty

Or maybe Aunt Kitty influenced Annie Hall. I am thinking this photo maybe from the 1920's or early 30s. Actually she was holding a fishing pole and there was a large fish hanging next to her. My Great Aunt the trophy fisherwoman!

Love the drapery fabric behind her. I am going to add a bit of color, I think. Red and blue on some of the postage stamps.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Whats Next?

So these ladies are coming to visit. Actually she is the same lady, my Great Aunt Kitty who is being printed on chiffon. It is the same photo but with 2 different photoshop treatments and flipped. I already bought some background fabric that references Paris and New York. Window drape fabric that has a collage type background with a roaring twenties feel. I saw it and thought "Wow, thats perfect!" We'll see, I had a 40% off coupon so it isn't real precious fabric.

I like the Annie Hall feel to the outfit she was wearing. She was deep sea fishing in Florida probably late 20s, early 30s.

The hackney ponies are turning out to be tedious, I'm really not that fond of them. At this point I am just throwing thread on them and trying some experimental hand stitching. I went to JoAnns for some perle cotton thread when I saw the drapery fabric.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Off to the Ohio Craft Museum

Sarah Rose is off to the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, Ohio for the Best of Ohio 2019 show. The Ohio Designer Craftsman curates the show which is open to all crafts people. The show includes fiber, metal, jewelry, wood, glass, ceramics and any other craft medium you can imagine. The opening is on Memorial Day. The show then travels through Ohio to other museums.

Kate is part of my Fragments series. She is a chiffon print of my great grandmother over upholstery fabric.

Monday, March 4, 2019


My fascination with transparency continues. This piece comes from a photo I saw in an art book. It was actually an image that was overprinted twice in different sizes. I decided to try it with a chiffon print which is transparent but unless you put some distance between the prints it doesn't show much so I decided to split the image. I wasn't sure I got all the way there but people were intrigued by the prospect of it being 3D. I am calling it Lenticular Dad.

I did a quick bubble pattern on the background. Not technically perfect but I wasn't in the mood for perfection, I just wanted to see the results. I thought it through for 2 months before I tackled it. Stitching it on to white fabric with a paper backing then adding paper inserts between the layers so I could get a scissors between the layers to cut them. Hmmm.

Onto the next project a print on cotton gauze. This comes in a 56" width so I was able make the print on a yard of fabric, it printed a little dark and I was puzzling over what color to paint it when I went to an exhibition of asian inspired quilts and dolls by my friend Martha Young. I saw the golden yellow in one of quilts and knew the Ponies wanted to be yellow. Now I wonder what else they want to be. Stay tuned.