Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Right now I am coasting along. Finishing my Mary Queen of Scots piece, debating on a new project. I have dug out the photo and found a few more interesting ones. Finished the TAA newsletter. Next Tuesday I will have cataract surgery on my right eye followed in 4 weeks by the left eye. I have worn glasses since the fourth grade. Now I will be glasses free except maybe for readers.
I plan to lay low for the month of July. Not knowing how one good eye and one bad is going to work. Glasses with one lense? I admit I do not go anywhere without glasses, i can't see across the room. It will be a big adventure. But what an age we live in. Surgery that once meant weeks on your back with sandbags around your head is now 15 minutes. Yowza!

Since I sold my Quilt National piece I decided to go with the expensive custom laser option. Your art is only as good as your eyes!

I have to correct this last statement. Susie Shie is legally blind and does wonderful work and there are other visually challenged artists, Mea culpa!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Quilt National 2013

Me and The Conversation at Quilt National 2013. This is from a photo of my dad and his sister Kay. They were talking on the sidewalk in front of their house in Lyndhurst Ohio. This is the second time I have been in Quilt National, also the second time for my dad. Funny when you think of all the quilts I have done of my mom. I got a great position in the gallery when you look to the right when you come in I am on the end wall by the gift shop.
Even better the fact that it has been purchased by a MAJOR collector.  The fact that it has been purchased is wonderful in itself!

This is the piece I worked on at QSDS. It needs more work, beads, buttons, etc. and probably the sides trimmed in. Working title is He Discovered the Down Side to Buddhism When He Was Reincarnated as Mary Queen of Scots.
Things to do this week, license plates and a turn signal bulb for the car. And if dry weather holds my front porch pillars will get painted. And maybe the rest of the back fence.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quilt Surface Design Symposium

or QSDS! Independent Studio for the week. And teaching this weekend.
So I have a whole room and this is the corner I huddle in. But it is easy to grab a piece of fabric and stitch away. The bonus is I can walk back pretty far and look at it.

Here is what I started with, I worked the background at home and am adding lace, fabric and trims.

Here is where it was when I went to lunch. I need to work on the sleeves. It looks like a man with a frilly apron right now.
Inspired by the Renaissance Galleries at the Cleveland Museum of Art, this piece is called:

When He Woke Up from His Four Day Binge, He Realized that He Was Truly and Rightfully, Mary Queen of Scots

Oh what I will do for a laugh!