Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quilt Surface Design Symposium

or QSDS! Independent Studio for the week. And teaching this weekend.
So I have a whole room and this is the corner I huddle in. But it is easy to grab a piece of fabric and stitch away. The bonus is I can walk back pretty far and look at it.

Here is what I started with, I worked the background at home and am adding lace, fabric and trims.

Here is where it was when I went to lunch. I need to work on the sleeves. It looks like a man with a frilly apron right now.
Inspired by the Renaissance Galleries at the Cleveland Museum of Art, this piece is called:

When He Woke Up from His Four Day Binge, He Realized that He Was Truly and Rightfully, Mary Queen of Scots

Oh what I will do for a laugh!

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  1. This work just makes me smile!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart